Ship of Fools: How to Defeat Eye, of the Storm

Finally, the Eye of the Storm.

by Noah Nelson

At last, you have made it to the Eye, of the Storm in Ship of Fools. This is the last boss in Ship of Fools and it is extremely difficult to defeat. There are a lot of tricks up Eye, of the Storm’s proverbial sleeves. Here is how to defeat Eye, of the Storm in Ship of Fools.

How to Defeat Eye, of the Storm in Ship of Fools

Eye, of the Storm is a scary-looking boss that has three phases. Each phase has the same functionality but gets progressively harder.

To defeat Eye, of the Storm, put both cannons on the top part of the ship. Though in each phase Eye, of the Storm will teleport between the top and bottom of the ship, by the time you carry your cannon over to the opposite side, Eye has teleported back to the side you just left.

Hopefully, by this time, you’ve collected the best ammo you could find as well as trinkets. Eye will bounce between two options. It will either appear and not deal damage, which is when you’ll be able to deal the most damage to it, or disappear and spawn a ton of enemies on both sides of the ship.

Eye, of the Storm Phase One

As mentioned previously, to defeat Eye, of the Storm during any phase, deal a lot of damage when it is present. When it is not present, have one Fool switch to the opposite side of the ship.

The wave of enemies that Eye spawns will always be random. The enemies you’ll want to prioritize taking down are the puffer fish, the owls, and the long-neck birds.

Eye, of the Storm Phase Two

Once Eye, of the Storm’s health hits zero, it will reemerge and start the second phase with a full health bar. During the main damage phase, Eye will move a bit faster, so watch out for that. Like in phase one, when Eye disappears and enemies spawn in, go to both sides of the ship and take them out one by one.

In this phase, two or three things you have on pedestals will get knocked off. They won’t be able to get placed back on since a red curse will temporarily be in the way, so quickly place your ammo on an open pedestal. When Eye returns, you can quickly place everything back on their pedestals.

Eye, of the Storm Phase Three

After getting Eye’s health bar down to zero a second time, the third phase will begin. The key here is the same: deal a lot of damage whenever possible. Consider playing as Betty and Shelbie to maximize the damage you do.

At this stage, during the enemy spawn phase of the fight, Eye will appear on the top part of the ship and sweep a stun beam across the ship several times. The only way to avoid this is to roll out of the way. Before and after the stun beam, fire all of your projectiles at Eye, of the Storm to get its health down even quicker.

If you manage to push back all of the enemy spawns and kill Eye, of the Storm three times, you’ll have beaten the boss. You’ll be rewarded with a lot of Tendrils and get washed back to The Great Lighthouse. You have officially completed the game but you can always head back out for fun and to unlock everything.

Ship of Fools is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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