How to Unlock All Characters in Ship of Fools

Collect every Fool!

by Noah Nelson

In Ship of Fools, there are 10 characters, or Fools as they are called, to unlock. You start out with two of them, Todd and Hink which allows you to play solo or couch co-op immediately. Each Fool has their own trinket which, besides general aesthetic, is the only feature that makes each character different. Here is how to unlock every character in Ship of Fools.

How to Get All Fools in Ship of Fools

As mentioned previously, there are 10 Fools in Ship of Fools to unlock. They all have their own unique way to get unlocked which can be tricky to figure out. While some Fools are better than others, you’ll want to have access to each and every one of them to find out which ones you like best.

Here is every Fool in Ship of Fools, how to unlock the, and what their trinket is:

  • Todd – Unlocked from the start.
    • Humble Hood – Get a greater and swifter paddle attack combo.
  • Hink – Unlocked from the start.
    • Scar of Past Glory – Splash DMG and effects on critical hits.
  • Finley – Unlocked by recycling a plank at the stage after defeating Tentacles, Shadow of the Undergrowth.
    • Handy Hat – Gain a random reward on repair.
  • Gill – Unlocked by hitting barrels and boxes at islands during a run, which is where you can also find Tendrils.
    • Trusty Bandana – Gain a harpoon on harpoon hits.
  • Shelbie – Unlocked after finishing an encounter without shooting your cannons.
    • Soothing Shell – Increase fire rate, projectile DMG, and speed on cannons you load.
  • Lotte – Unlocked after completing an entire section, like The Forgotten Waters or The High Seas, without taking damage.
    • Cozy Scarf – Regenerate ammo over time on cannons you load during encounters.
  • Krillstoph – Unlocked after visiting a shark alter for the first time. To get to a shark alter, visit the symbol that looks like a fork in the road with two arrows going in opposite directions.
    • Classy Bow Tie – Get a shorter paddle attack combo that packs more than quite a wallop.
  • Quill – Unlocked after defeating Eye, of the Storm.
    • Stained Headband – Increase DMG on consecutive projectile hits.
  • Betty – Unlocked after getting knocked back or stunned 50 times.
    • tight Scrunchie – Enter Rage mode when knocked or stunned.
  • Cluck – Unlocked after firing all egg ammo types.
    • Bird Hat – Lay eggs during encounters.

Now that you have unlocked every Fool in Ship of Fools, you’ll most likely want to know which Fools are the best. If you want to further your knowledge about what all of the statuses in the game mean and which ones are the best, we’ve got you covered.

Ship of Fools is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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