Best Character in Ship of Fools: All Fools Explained

Who is the best Fool?

by Noah Nelson

There are 10 Fools, or playable characters, in Ship of Fools. After you unlock every Fool, you’ll notice that they all have different trinkets. These trinkets aren’t tradable and are what make every Fool unique. Naturally, some are better than others. Here are the best Fools in Ship of Fools.

All Characters in Ship of Fools Ranked

After you’ve had a chance to see all 10 Fools, you’ll most likely notice that some Fools have better trinkets than others. Of course, how they look is up to personal taste, but the trinkets they each hold make the Fools objectively (and somewhat subjectively) rankable.

S Tier Fools in Ship of Fools

  • Shelbie
  • Lotte
  • Betty

Shelbie is easily the best Fool in Ship of Fools. Her Soothing Shell trinket allows her projectiles to travel faster, her shooting to be more rapid, and her projectile damage to be higher. This boost to everything is good in every scenario since you’ll be using your cannons for the majority of encounters.

Following Shelbie, Lotte is a user-friendly Fool to use. Her Cozy Scarf trinket refills your ammo over time. While it isn’t as fast as we’d like, this ability is great to have. Play Lotte if you find loading the cannon the trickiest part of Ship of Fools.

Last in S Tier, we have Betty. While Betty’s Tight Scrunchie trinket, which allows her to enter Rage mode when knocked or stunned, is great when playing with a teammate since your teammate can just hit you with a paddle when you want to enter Rage mode, she isn’t as strong when playing solo since getting hit by a stun takes too long.

A Tier Fools in Ship of Fools

  • Krillstoph
  • Hink
  • Cluck

First up in A Tier, we have Krillstoph. Krillstoph is the best Fool for clearing the deck. His Classy Bow Tie trinket allows him to have a shorter and stronger melee combo, so you’ll clear off pesky slugs and hermit crabs without a problem. The reason he isn’t in S Tier is because the majority of encounters in Ship of Fools are won with cannons, and Krillstoph doesn’t have any cannon perks. He does win for the best name, though.

Hink is the second A Tier Fool because she has a solid trinket. Scar of Past Glory gives Hink added effects and splash damage when she gets critical hits. Though critical hits are rare without the right trinkets, this ability is surprisingly good.

Cluck is the last A Tier Fool because his trinket ability is cool but not especially important. Cluck’s Bird Hat trinket allows eggs to emerge randomly during encounters. While this is useful, it isn’t as reliable as using the ammo you’ve got on a pedestal.

B Tier Fools in Ship of Fools

  • Finley
  • Todd

Finley lands in the B Tier because his ability is reactive instead of preventative. His Handy Hat trinket makes it so whenever he repairs the ship, a random reward emerges. This can be more planks, sand dollars, harpoons, or shields. This is a pretty great ability, but you’re relying on getting hit to use it.

Todd is low B Tier because he is outclassed by Krillstoph. While his Humble Hood trinket, which grants Todd a stronger and faster paddle attack combo, is good, it isn’t as good as Krillstoph’s.

C Tier Fools in Ship of Fools

  • Gill
  • Quill

Starting our last place, C Tier Fools is Gill. Gill is in last place because harpoons aren’t too effective in combat and you’ll hardly ever struggle for more harpoons anyway. Though, as Gill, you can strictly use harpoons to attack enemies, it isn’t as strong as even the B Tier ammo.

In last place, we have Quill. While she is unlocked by defeating Eye, of the Storm and finishing the game for the first time, she really isn’t that good. Her Stained Headband trinket increases her damage incrementally on consecutive projectile hits. That means that the first shot Quill shoots will always be one damage, and there is a ceiling to her projectile hits, which limits her power. Taking Quill into the last boss fight is a guaranteed loss because she doesn’t have enough time to build up consecutive damage.

And those are all of the characters in Ship of Fools ranked. If you want to know what the best trinkets are in the game, we’ve got you covered.

Ship of Fools is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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