Best Emblems in Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Tier List

If you like it, then you shoulda put an Emblem Ring on it

by Tom Cunliffe
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The Emblem Ring mechanic in Fire Emblem Engage sets it apart from other games in the franchise. Players can attach Emblem Rings to their units to summon past Fire Emblem characters (Emblems) to aid them in battle. Including DLC, there are a total of fourteen Emblems with varying abilities, weapons, and unique effects. With a limited number of Units allowed per battle, it can be challenging to choose which Emblems to bring along. Luckily, this guide covers the best Emblems to use in Fire Emblem Engage.

Emblem Tier List in Fire Emblem Engage

The usefulness and strength of some Emblems in Fire Emblem Engage may exceed others, but all Emblems are perfectly useable. This tier list looks at the overall potential of Emblems across all battles, though niche situations can call for Emblems from lower tiers when the time is right. Combine these Emblems with the best Units for the most impactful results.

BEdelgard (+ Dimitri and Claude)

S-Tier Emblems

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These Emblems are the best in the game and perform excellently in any fight. You’ll want to prioritize these when leveling your Bond to unlock their Skills.

Lyn is an excellent Support Emblem that also deals severe damage. When using Engage, her illusory doubles protect her Unit and chain their attacks, creating the potential for deadly combos.
Astra Bow is also beneficial, allowing you to launch a devastating attack from across the map. Her Speedtaker and Alacrity Skills also provide Spd bonuses to Units using bows.

Byleth can provide your entire army with useful buffs, and his Engage Skill and Ability adapt to the user’s weapon type, making him highly versatile. Using the right strategy, you can easily overwhelm enemies using Byleth’s Engage.

Tiki is only available to those who’ve purchased Fire Emblem Engage’s Expansion Pass. Her Engage Skill can grant an ally a Revival Stone, which is quite literally life-saving when playing in Classic mode. Her Synchro Skill, Starsphere, also rapidly increases the growth of your Units, allowing you to level much faster.

Sigurd has incredible mobility and damage potential. He can hit hard and swiftly run away, avoiding counterattacks and repositioning to a better spot on the battlefield. He can provide the mobility needed to make specific Units much more effective.

Marth is the first Emblem you receive in Fire Emblem Engage and one that stays firm throughout the entire game. He’s excellent at Breaking enemies and can deal massive damage when Engaged. Marth pairs well with Alear (the player character) due to the Avoidance buff and the synergy with Alear’s attacks.

A-Tier Emblems

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A-Tier Emblems may not be the absolute best, but they are still solid and recommended to bring in most battles. Ike can make a robust tank and synergize well with Axe users, while Leif can provide tidy bonuses when counterattacking. Celica has the potential to deal ludicrous damage with Tome users and can quickly surprise enemies by warping nearby and hitting them square in the face with a potent magical attack.

B-Tier Emblems

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A- and S-Tier Emblems certainly take place over B-Tier Emblems, but you’ll still want to use these in battles with a larger number of Units available and in more niche situations.

Michaiah can mainly come in clutch with Great Sacrifice, healing every Unit on the battlefield (at the cost of losing her health).

Lucina can provide excellent bonuses for Bow users and bombard enemies with chain attacks.

Edelgard can be vital if the enemy has an array of archers with Bow Guard. She can be as powerful as S-Tier characters with various Skills, but the unpredictability of which Skill becomes active is what lets her down.

Roy is helpful when playing in Classic mode, as he can prevent a Unit from being killed with Hold Out. His Strength and Attack bonuses also work well with Sword-wielding Units. Finally, Micaiah

C-Tier Emblem

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C-Tier Emblems aren’t bad by any means; their “flaws” are generally down to the experience needed to utilize them. Corrin’s Ice Vein has a separate effect for every Class, which can still be used in incredibly effective ways but can be challenging to manage. Eirika is highly adaptable due to being able to switch between Solar and Lunar brace, but this can also place her in a bad position when used haphazardly.

Fire Emblem Engage is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on January 24th, 2023

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