Best MCW Zombies Loadout in Modern Warfare 3

For when double-tapping just isn't enough.

by J.R. Waugh , Diego Perez

The MCW is a workhorse for players who want a solid assault rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. However, you’ll want to maximize your undead-killing efficiency, so here’s the best MCW build for MW3 Zombies!

Best MCW Zombies Build

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This MCW build is meant to make a minor trade of mobility and handling for accuracy and recoil control, along with an impressive ammo reserve in MW3 Zombies. You’ll spend less time reloading and have plenty of flexibility to swap between hip fire and tac stance while you dodge incoming waves of undead foes.

  • Barrel: Orchestra-40 Short Heavy Barrel
  • Muzzle: Purifier Muzzle Brake
  • Underbarrel: Demo Firm Grip
  • Magazine: 60 Round Drum
  • Laser: 1MW Laser Box

The Orchestra-40 Short Heavy Barrel sacrifices recoil control and minor range but gives you control across various fire modes, including hip fire and tac stance. This enables you to slaughter enemies efficiently, even coming out of a sprint. To further stabilize your aim, the Purifier Muzzle Brake might trade range out, but the additional stability will be key when firing full-auto bursts.

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As you may have guessed, this build favors hip fire and tac stance, so the Demo Firm Grip fits in perfectly here, reducing ADS speed a bit but your recoil and accuracy are yet again boosted. This all comes into play when the 60-Round Drum is attached, which slows you and your reloads down, but the damage you can do with that much ammo allows you to tear down hordes, and Bounties, and survive even the rougher story missions.

The glue that holds this together is the 1MW Laser Box, with no drawbacks while stabilizing hip fire and tac stance spread. This gives you the advantage of allowing you to fire at the enemy efficiently, while still giving the option for ADS such as for bosses who are difficult to miss. The MCW already has exceptional stability and range, so it should still be incredibly accurate when aiming down sights even with these hip fire attachments.

While it doesn’t have the explosive potential of the Crossbow build, it’s a great way to tear apart zombies with a high fire rate at medium-to-close range. Speed Cola and Stamin-Up will be your best friends, and don’t forget that Pack-a-Punch will double your ammo capacity!

- This article was updated on December 11th, 2023

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