Best Team Compositions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Try these teams out and become the best trainer you can be!

by Christian Bognar

With an extensive Pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it can be tricky putting together a team that will provide you with an advantage over the Elite Four or other trainers you come across. The late game is where this becomes important, as the difficulty spike is significant. If you don’t have the right Pokemon on your team, you might have to grind more experience points or even catch different Pokemon altogether. If you want to become one of the best Pokemon trainers, this guide will help you understand what Pokemon you want on your team.

Strong Team Compositions for Each Starter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Below are three examples of excellent team compositions that are difficult to beat due to their minimal weaknesses and many strengths. Since there are three starters, and trainers usually like to keep them on their starting team, we will provide you with a team for each starter in their final form. With a patch coming soon, there is no better time to get your team looking powerful.

Quaxly’s Team


Pokemon: Quaquaval, Luxray, Ceruledge, Corviknight, Tinkaton, Arboliva

Like any great team, this one focuses on high resistance, maximizing your chance of staying alive during battle. For example, Ceruledge is a late-game form of Charcadet, a Fire and Ghost type Pokemon with resistance towards Poison, Steel, Bug, Fire, Grass, Fairy, and Ice. Plus, Ceruledge can learn strong attacks, helping with your overall damage output for the offense.

Like Ceruledge, Corviknight has many resistances that make him stand out from the rest of the Pokedex. This Flying and Steel Type Pokemon are strong against Grass, Steel, Fairy, Dragon, Psychic, Bug, Flying, and even Normal. It’ll be tough to kill this Pokemon, considering it covers so much ground regarding resistance.

Then there is Luxray, which has high defense capabilities, especially against the Elite Four at the end of the game. He is mighty against flying-type Pokemon, making him the perfect companion to take these annoying types out quickly. While he is weak to ground, you’ll find that ground is less commonly used than other types in Scarlet and Violet.

Having a Fairy-type Pokemon on your team is always good to help take out powerful Dragon-type enemies. Tinkaton does this well with its attacks and helpful abilities, such as Play Rough and Knock Off, making your team do well with damage output. Arboliva is like Tinkaton in this regard, as specific skills make it stand out, such as Harvest, which has 50 percent of recovering a berry after consumption.

Spirgatito’s Team


Pokemon: Meowscarada, Raichu, Gyrados, Coalossal, Pyroar, Corviknight

You’ll see Corviknight as a prominent name in this article, considering this Pokemon can be helpful in the later half of the game. As mentioned above, Corviknight is an excellent way to complement your team as it has many resistances, making it a perfect way to counter the majority of your opponent’s options.

Pyroar is often overlooked, but this Pokemon is surprisingly strong against opponents and can make a huge difference, especially against the Elite Four. This fire-type Pokemon can learn moves that will do significant damage against neutral opponents or even more severe damage against steel-type opponents. Hyper Beam and Flamethrower are our suggestions for his abilities that you should learn as soon as possible.

Gyrados is a good option for a Water Type Pokemon on your team that can learn powerful abilities that can weaken trainers’ Pokemons. These include the ability to intimidate, which lowers the enemy’s attack power making him an excellent way to save your whole team’s HP. Also, considering Gyrados is weak against electric-type Pokemon, you throw Raichu into the mix. He can help fill that gap and takes minimal damage from electric-type moves.

Coalossal can become one of the best tank Pokemon in its Terastallize form. While its base stats are good, and it has a decent defense, you will want this to be your go-to for terestallize, which can significantly increase the defense and offense this Pokemon does for your team.

Fuecoco’s Team


Pokemon: Skeledirge, Corviknight, Clodsire, Garchomp, Vaporeon, Luxray.

Considering Fuecoco is weak against Ground, Water, Dark, Ghost, and Rock, you will want the proper Pokemon to help counter that. The perfect combination to fix Fuecoco’s weaknesses is Garchomp and Vaporeon. The former is a Ground and Water type Pokemon, while the latter is a water type. They are strong at that, so if you ever find your starter in a pinch, you can throw these guys in to clean up the mess.

Corviknight is on this team once again due to the resistance it has. Also, having higher damage output with immunity to ground abilities makes it the perfect companion for your starter against trainers who focus on ground-type Pokemon. And if they don’t use ground attacks, Corviknight can still severely damage opponents.

Clodsire is a good ally for this team due to the helpful abilities it can learn. For example, Clodsire has a hidden ability called “Unaware,” which completely ignores the opponent’s stat changes and can bypass buffs that the trainer grants to his team. Also, the list of resistances Clodsire has is beneficial, considering this includes Ground, Fighting, Fairy, Rock, and Bug.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on January 17th, 2023