Best Weapons in Sons of the Forest: Weapon Tier List

Hack and slash in order to survive

by Amitesh Dhar
Image of a shotgun in Sons of the Forest.
Image: Endnight Games

You will come across a lot of weapons in Sons of the Forest. Developed by Endnight Games, this title is a sequel to the popular survival horror title known as The Forest. In this game, you crash land on an uninhabited island and will have to survive. However, it’s not the wild animals that are a problem, it’s the cannibals and the mutant monsters that keep roaming around this place. They are the reason why there are so many weapons available on the island.

While you can craft some weapons, some of them can be collected as well. That said, here are the best weapons you can find in Sons of the Forest.

Ranking All Weapons in Sons of the Forest

It’s worth noting that the title is still in its early-access stages, so the weapons mentioned below are the only ones found in the game right now. It’s unknown if the developers will add new weapons to the game in future updates. With that said, here are the rankings of all the weapons available in Sons of the Forest till now.


Weapons: Shotgun, Pistol, Katana, Firefighter Axe. Chainsaw

These are the most powerful weapons available in the game. While they can be tough to find, once found, they’re an asset to any arsenal, and will make your survival fairly easy! Although the Revolver tends to hit harder than the Pistol, the latter has a larger magazine and a faster reload time, which makes it a more efficient weapon.


Weapons: Modern Axe, Revolver, Crossbow, Machete, Rope Gun

These weapons aren’t the best ones in the game, but have pretty good stats and can do a considerable amount of damage. The only exception to this rule is the Rope Gun. Since the gun can be used to create ziplines, which in turn can help in navigating and moving around easily, it’s a very efficient tool and deserves a spot in this rank.

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Weapons: Crafted Spear, Compound Bow, Stun Gun, Stun Baton

These weapons aren’t that powerful. It might take some effort, but they tend to get the job done. Also, when it comes to the Stun Baton and the Stun Gun, these two weapons offer a rather non-lethal approach, something which can come in handy, especially when dealing with the cannibal tribes on the island.


Weapons: Guitar, Shovel, Crafted Torch, Crafted Bow, Slingshot, Tactical Axe

These are some of the weapons you will come across quite early on in the game. While they’re important for early game survival, they won’t be able to be of much help as you venture into the later stages of the game. A shovel is a nice tool that you can use to dig graves, but it isn’t a very formidable weapon in Sons of the Forest.


Weapons: Utility Knife, Crafted Club, Putter

These are the weakest of all weapons in Sons of the Forest. You don’t want to engage multiple enemies with either of these weapons. However, if you do come across an enemy when you’re wielding any one of these weapons, try to sneak past them, or hit them once and run as hard as you can.

- This article was updated on March 5th, 2023