Best XRK Stalker Zombies Build in Modern Warfare 3

Lay waste to the hordes with this beautiful new rifle!

by J.R. Waugh
Best XRK Stalker Zombies Build MW3 Modern Warfare 3
Image: Activision

The XRK Stalker is a beast of a sniper rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. While it’s powerful, you should still take steps to prevent its deadly firepower from slowing you down. Below is the best XRK Stalker build in MW3 Zombies.

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Best XRK Stalker Zombies Build

The XRK Stalker hits like a cannon when you unlock it, but can be tweaked just enough without hampering this advantage in MW3 Zombies. With these attachments and adjustments, you can become a quick-scoping fiend capable of taking down even the deadliest of threats.

  • Rear Grip: FT Match Grip
  • Bolt: XRK Stalker Light Bolt
  • Stock: XRK Monument Heavy Stock
  • Optic: XRK On-Point Optic
  • Magazine: 10 Round Mag

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The name of the game is simple: you want to be able to whip out this rifle, draw hordes of zombies into single-file lines, and rip through them with each shot. The FT Match Grip keeps the gun grip firm enough to allow you to go quickly from sprinting to aiming regardless of your situation.

Meanwhile, when you’re facing hardier foes like Bounty targets or Mega Abominations, the XRK Stalker Light Bolt is an obvious choice, speeding up your fire output and allowing you to set ablaze a zombie barbecue. The Stalker Heavy Bolt is a reasonable alternative, but I couldn’t make peace with the slower rechambering speed, and the accuracy bump was hardly noticeable. This, combined with the XRK Monument Heavy Stock, allowed me to keep the recoil low while pumping out every round.

For optics, I chose to favor medium-range, a bit of a theme in many of my Zombies builds, as you’re not likely shooting at static, faraway targets too often in this mode. The XRK On-Point Optic or any dot sight is perfect for this, boosting your ADS speed and keeping you alert to other nearby foes. Finally, the 10 Round Mag may slow you down, but the other attachments help offset these penalties, and 10 .50 cal rounds before you even have to Pack-a-Punch this weapon make for a mean output.

The XRK Stalker doesn’t feel too different aside from the obvious scope changes, and this way, you can keep the firepower while taking down tougher enemies with record speeds. It lacks the flashy appeal of an explosive Crossbow but is more finesse-oriented than my MCW build. Happy hunting!

- This article was updated on December 7th, 2023

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