Brave Nine Tier List | All Brown Dust Mercenaries, Ranked

Which mercenary should you use?

by Christian Bognar

Brave Nine, a mobile game that has risen in popularity, takes a thoughtful strategy when choosing a character. Considering there are more than 200 Brown Dust heroes to choose from, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. The good news for you is that we have created this definitive ranking of all the available heroes, so you know who to choose and which ones are better left untouched. Ranking from S to D, the grid below will show you everything you need to know.

Ranking of All Brave Nine Mercenaries

In the grid below, you will find what class they are categorized as in the game. Keep reading for a full description of what each tier means.

SEdin, Foxy, Corette, Dalvi, Seto, Alche, Anastasia, Hanya, Alec, Jin, Siegmund, Wilhelmina, Angelica, Slain.Stella, Eindolin, Floria, Galania, Asmode, Beliath, Ceres, Naressa, Hyeon Wol, Kuwik, Laura, Venaka, Veronia, Refithea.Ludia, Seir, Ledakrad, Mamonir, Aaron, Arkan, Lecliss, Lucius, Granhildr, Zenith, Ymir.Chalkle, Edwin, Levia, Hijin, Lillian, Velfern, Elize, Helga, Celia, Hell.
ABeatrice, Brisa, Octavia, Valze, Zakan, Camilla, Ridel, Rogan, Barbara, Gunter, Horan, Christina, Cordelia, Deka, Dr. Morgan, Dwen, Kanna, Eizen, Scarlet, Eleaneer, Elija, Eunrang, Kaina, Kiria, Kry, Larkis, Lian, Leto, Lyudmila, Maxwell, Niya, Ron, Viola, Wiggle, Susayra.Albion, Delsahidne, Elijah, Hephaesia, Mary, Arines, Ebony, Walya, Helena, Claris, Michaela, Ino, John, Themis, Sabrina, Serendia, Vincent.Frederica, Gaius, Arwen, Astrid, Ayan, BDM N-0524, Antonio, Acha, Britain, Cecilia, Grosa, Horas, Iris, Denarisa, Deomaron, Glacia, Gloria, Mora, Rafina, Sloan, Grace, Joseph, Kaoli, Martina.Bathory, Bruno, Atherine, Nartas, Claudia, Dr. Logic, Aie, Anubis, Charlotte, Eldora, Nerua, Valtor, Garinoth, Lumen, Magnus, Morgana, Agaron, Naius, Jayden, Melody.
BKaina, Taylor, Marron, Rai, Rigenette, Kozak, Farrel, Xenon, Yuri, Karg, Karin, Lydia, Mia, Sizka, Thalos.Anais, Eras, Isabel, Julie, Lulu, Sarubia, Seol Ah.Aiela, Benshina, Vermon, Martius, Exile, Mercedes, Vermont, Arlos, Baine, Bellasier, Kaylin, Orphina, Rene.Lorang, Alicia, Kyle, Leah, Esther, Noel, Freesia, Lufel Maria, Ors, Lucrezia, Zarka.
CBran, Dominique, Maya, Blaze, Barion, Orienne.Daniel, Edan, Eunice, Cynthia, Elaine.Yuria, Calorone, Jacklin, Tiara.Wester
DIngrid, Kellan, Naja, Natalie.Pierre, Velona.Rosa, Carlson, Mine, Kaci.Marlene, Asera.

S Tier

As most readers know, S Tier includes the best characters in any game, and it is no different here. These mercenaries are the strongest in battle and can help you overcome the most severe challenges. You will be safe using any mercenaries that fall into this category.

A Tier

You won’t go wrong using any of these mercenaries, but we found them less powerful than their S-ranked counterparts. These characters can reach you to the top if you know how to utilize them to their full potential.

B Tier

We consider these mercenaries very average, but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily bad. They can be helpful, but during the more brutal battles, they won’t do anything significant for you and don’t provide much reason to choose them over higher-level mercenaries.

C Tier

Although these mercenaries are on the lower end, players can use them if they consider themselves very skilled at the game. Beginners will have tremendous struggles using them and lose most battles as they don’t bring much to the table.

D Tier

Lastly, we have the worst of the bunch. There is no reason to choose these mercenaries for your team, considering they will have you losing battles left and right. You should only decide to use them if you want to give yourself the challenge of a lifetime.

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Brave Nine is available now for Android and iOS.

- This article was updated on January 4th, 2023

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