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Bravely Default 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 4 Part 1 – Halcyonia and Lonsdale

Push Holograd out of Halcyonia!

by Brandon Adams


Holograd is on the move, and in Part 1 of the Bravely Default 2 Chapter 4 walkthrough you’ll put a stop to their efforts in the kingdom of Halcyonia. Remember: you can help any of the three towns in whichever order you wish in Chapter 4, but you will be locked in with your choice until you clear the quest attached to it.

Since Bravely Default 2 is a narrative-heavy game, I will try to keep all further spoilers to a minimum. Cutscene details will be scarce, and characters will only be named as required. Additionally, this walkthrough will follow a checklist format to keep things short and concise.

I will list monsters encountered along the critical path (to include their weaknesses), and treasure chests (as well as what they contain). Enemies and bosses are natural but necessary spoilers, so I’ll go ahead and tag this article with a mild spoiler warning here, and I will precede every boss with a more obvious spoiler warning.

Bravely Default 2 Chapter 4 Part 1 Walkthrough

Investigate Halcyonia

  • If you are picking up where we left off at the end of Bravely Default 2 Chapter 3, then head down to the wagon at the bottom of Rimedhal to fast travel to Halcyonia.
    • If you decided to start with one of the other two towns, simply go to their respective wagon and use it to fast travel.
  • Approach the town to enter a cutscene, in which you’ll learn the Holograders have occupied Halcyonia.
    • You are locked in to the Halcyonia portion of Chapter 4 once you enter!
  • The party will head to the inn and speak with the innkeeper. After, they’ll decide to ask around town to learn more.
  • Go down towards the bridge that leads in and out of Halcyonia, and go into the tavern on the far right just before crossing it.
    • You’ll meet Lonsdale, the Commander of the Holograder forces in the region. He seems like a pleasant enough fellow, at least compared to his compatriots.
  • Turns out Lonsdale is keenly aware of who you are, so subtilty is no longer an option.
    • That said, Lonsdale will leave you alone with a polite, yet stern warning. Regroup at the inn to trigger a cutscene in which the party will discuss their next move.
  • Time for a jailbreak! With your cover blown the team decides to rescue King Vernon and head for the hills.
  • You’ll need a Glintstone for your plan to work. You’ll get a “side quest” for this task.


Getting Hold of a Glintstone

  • Getting Hold of a Glintstone is a mandatory “side quest”, and the bits and pieces you’ll need can be found outside Halyconia on the World Map.
  • Go outside and start swiping your sword at the patches of grass around town.
    • This is pure RNG, so keep hacking away until you have all four Glintstone Materials.
    • Tall grass does have the best chance to drop Glintstone Materials.
  • Once you have all four return to the inn and speak with Gloria to craft the Glintstone.
  • After you turn in the “side quest” Getting Hold of a Glintstone, speak with the innkeeper to kick off the rescue.
    • This will lead to a cutscene, and after you will be locked in until you save the king, so be sure to restock and save beforehand.
    • Bravely Default 2 will give you a warning, so if you forgot to run any errands or to save you will have a chance to do so after speaking with the innkeeper.
      • Seriously: SAVE!
  • Once ready, select the option to rest to move forward with saving King Vernon.
    • You should be around level 40 before proceeding.


The Rescue of King Vernon

  • After the brief cutscene ends leave the inn and head up the stairs to the castle.
    • Gloria will use the Glintstone to distract the guards, and you’ll automatically enter the dungeons.
  • Follow the linear path down to King Vernon’s cell. A cutscene will start, and Gloria will convince King Vernon to escape with the party.
  • Double-back to the throne room: you’ll have enemies along the route this time around.
  • Enemies include Imperial Swords, Imperial Mages, Imperial Clubbers, and Imperial Lancers
    • Imperial Swords (Humanoid): weak to Lightning and Spears.
    • Imperial Mages (Humanoid): weak to Water and Swords.
    • Imperial Clubbers (Humanoid): weak to Earth, Daggers, and Bows.
      • Boost physical attack damage and can hit for over 2.5K.
    • Imperial Lancers (Humanoid): weak to Wind and Axes.
      • Uses Jump; can’t be attacked while off the field.
      • Counters Physical Attacks
  • Each encounter is scripted, so you’ll face:
    • First battle: two Clubbers, one Sword, and one Mage.
    • Second battle: two Lancers, one Mage, one Sword.
    • Third battle: one Lancer, one Sword, one Clubber, one Mage.
  • Once you return to the throne room you’ll enter a cutscene, followed by a boss battle.
    • Be sure to use Ethers and Potions to top off before the fight.
    • You will want a healer for the upcoming battle, and preferably a tank (Shieldmaster is a solid choice).



Lonsdale (Bastion)

We have a full guide on how to beat Lonsdale here, but to summarize:

  • Lonsdale: 88319 Health, weak to Darkness and Daggers. Takes half damage from Spears, Lightning, Earth, and Light.
  • Lonsdale has a simple, yet hard-hitting kit. Since he is a Bastion he can shrug off weaker Physical Attacks, so you’ll want to bring heavy-hitters in your own right.
    • Thief with Godspeed Strike is effective here, as is Vanguard’s Neo Cross Slash, and Berserker’s Amped Strike.
  • Light immunity will go a long, long way in this fight.
  • Magic isn’t great in this battle, since Lonsdale is only weak to Darkness.
  • His Corporal Punishment hits like a train, and he will use it to counter Physical Attacks.
    • Atop of that, Lonsdale counters whenever a character Defaults, so you don’t want to stock up on BP in this battle.
    • To make matters worse, Lonsdale will also counter whenever you cast Buffs.
    • The Counter-Savvy talent from Ranger makes all of this irrelevant.
  • If Lonsdale casts Rampart either hold off on using Physical Attacks until it wears off, or break it with a cheap attack.
    • The former is the best idea, since he can counter with Corporal Punishment, but if you have a character with Counter-Savvy equipped they can be used to pop his bubble.
  • You will need a healer for this fight. A Spiritmaster/White Mage combo works well, but you’ll want to protect them with a tank class due to that particular Job combination having both low health and low defense.

Bravely Default 2 Chapter 4 Part 1 Walkthrough Finale.

After you defeat Lonsdale you’ll unlock the Bastion Job, and the honorable soldier will surrender. Halcyonia will officially be back in friendly hands, yet Holograd’s conquest continues elsewhere (assuming you didn’t tackle Halcyonia last). If you are following our Bravely Default 2 Chapter 4 walkthrough then we’re on our way to Savalon next in Part 2.

Bravely Default 2 is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on:March 12th, 2021

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