Citadel Sub-Camp Location in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Here is how to find and access the Citadel Sub-Camp in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

by Noah Nelson


Citadel is one of the two new maps in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Both the Citadel and the Jungle have Sub-Camp areas that are useful fast travel points for traversing the large map. They are both somewhat hidden which can make finding them difficult. Here is how to find the Citadel Sub-Camp in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where to Find the Citadel Sub-Camp in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

In order to access the Citadel Sub-Camp and use it, you’ll need to find it and then complete a quest given by Oboro the Merchant back in town. The first step is finding the Citadel Sub-Camp. The map below shows the exact location of the Sub-Camp circled in red. To get to the Sub-Camp, you’ll want to start at 4 and head north up the cliff and through a tight path.


Once you have discovered the Citadel Sub-Camp, you won’t really be able to access it until you finish Oboro’s quest. He is found at the Elgado Outpost and will now have a blue text bubble above his name. Orobo’s quest is fairly easy: you’ll need to kill 8 Boggi. After you’ve done that, return to Oboro and he will set up the Citadel Sub-Camp.

With everything done, you can now fast travel to the Citadel Sub-Camp. To do so, just open your map, and get to the fast travel point selection tab. You can access your storage chest which is needed when collecting artifacts or minerals. If you’re ever looking for more Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak guides, we’ve got you covered. Whatever your inquiry, we cover it all. From quests to collectibles and even bosses, be sure to check our page out for more.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available now for both the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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