Dead By Daylight Xenomorph Build: Best Alien Perks and Add Ons

Time to prepare the best Xenomorph Build in Dead by Daylight.

by Gordon Bicker
Image showcasing the Alien Xenomorph crawling through a foggy corridor.
Image: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight has a range of other franchise characters who make their way into the game and the Xenomorph is one such creature that received its very own in-game version. Of course, this now results in people (like myself) hunting extensively for the best builds. This article will take you through how to create one of the most powerful builds for The Xenomorph killer around in Dead by Daylight.

Best Dead by Daylight Xenomorph Build

As with many of the best killer setups in Dead by Daylight, intelligence on how to further increase your killer’s existing strengths by way of perks (and add-ons) can turn the tide of a number of matches. For The Xenomorph, stealth and speed are going to be the key elements I think you should be focusing on for the majority of the build.

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Best Alien Perks in Dead by Daylight

Xenomorph has three unique perks that you can utilize but personally, I only recommend two of the unique perks for your full four perk loadout when you have it ready. Listed below are the perks you should choose for this particular focused build.

Ultimate Weapon

The first unique perk I highly recommend is “Ultimate Weapon”, as whenever you open any locker, the perk will activate. It will make any survivor within your “Terror Range” scream with their location revealed and also will cause them to have the Blindness status for some time. The effectiveness of all this together cannot be understated and it should always be a go-to perk. A showcase of this from the YouTuber “DStrike” has been shown below.

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However, your playstyle is an important part of this perk. You will need to spend time going around and opening lockers within any map you are in. I would start opening a lot of lockers near generators around the middle of a round. There is a higher likelihood that survivors are going to be sticking around those like moths to a flame as the round furthers.

Rapid Brutality

As for the second unique Xenomorph perk, I say that Rapid Brutality is a perfect choice for a great complement to the existing Crawler Mode which focuses on stealth. This perk will stop you from gaining Bloodlust and whenever you successfully hit a survivor, your speed (Haste) will be increased by 5% for up to a max of 10 seconds.

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If you were struggling to catch up to a Survivor after attacking them once, then this perk will highly negate the possibility of that happening — ideal for your Alien prowling ways!


Pairing with Rapid Brutality nicely is the Dissolution perk which is from The Dredge killer. This perk will make it so that after you have hit a survivor, after three seconds if a survivor jumps/vaults over any pallet it will break after them if they are in your Terror Radius. Ultimately, pallets are usually what slows down a killer extensively from downing a survivor so with this perk you won’t have to worry about that as much.

Merciless Storm

Finally, the Merciless Storm perk from The Onryo (The Ring killer) will make generator repair even more difficult for Survivors. Whenever a generator reaches 90% completion, there will be a bunch of skill checks the Survivors need to make before it completes. If any are failed then the generator is then locked/blocked from them for up to a max of 20 seconds when the perk is at Tier III.

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This can only apply once for each generator but it still going to be especially useful considering the fact you will be able to use the Ultimate Weapon and Rapid Brutality perks in combination with this one.

Best Alien Add-Ons

For the Add-Ons I would recommend Ovomorph and Kane’s Helmet. The Kane’s Helmet Add-On will slow down how quickly a survivor can be healed once you perform a Tail Attack on them. This is because the “Mangled” status effect is applied once you have landed the Tail Attack.

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Since the perk portion of the build focuses on your efficiency and speed, this Add-On will assist that by way of slowing down survivors after you effectively use Rapid Brutality to get more hits off. As for the Ovomorph Add-On, that will just make your Crawler mode recharge quicker when you’re out of a tunnel which is a mode you will need to use a lot for stealth.

Now that you know the best build for The Xenomorph, you can start to try everything out for yourself and make any tweaks where you feel your playstyle needs it.

- This article was updated on August 29th, 2023

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