Dead Space Remake: How to Beat the Leviathan Remnant with the ADS Cannons in Chapter 8

Here's how to beat the second Leviathan encounter.

by Christian Bognar
Dead Space Leviathan ADS cannon Fight

If you are having trouble with the Leviathan Remnant in Chapter 8 of the Dead Space Remake, you have come to the right place. The second encounter with the Leviathan puts you in a situation where you must utilize ADS cannons to take the beast down. The tricky part about that objective is that the ADS cannons can be challenging to locate, and you need to complete this with your oxygen running down. In addition, the Leviathan will attack you by throwing tentacles and explosive blobs. We have you covered as we will walk you through the location of each ADS cannon, oxygen stations, and how to take down this Leviathan once and for all.

How to Defeat the Leviathan with the ADS Cannons

This guide will include images for your reference. First and foremost, take a moment to realize that right next to the door you enter the fight, there are two oxygen stations for you to use when you are running low (shown in the image below). Knowing exactly where this is located right off the bat will make this battle much more manageable.


Next, the first ADS cannon will be in front of you when you come out of the station. Head up to it, activate the cannon, and aim toward the shining hotspot on the Leviathan. Keep shooting the ADS cannon with X or A if you are on Xbox until it explodes and the cannon breaks.


Once the cannon is of no use, you will want to head to your right and make your way to the end of the platform, where you will find another ADS cannon. As you progress towards the end of the platform, the Leviathan will run his tentacles towards you, where you will need to go above or below it and dodge by using your boost. Take note that at this ADS cannon, you will find a glowing hotspot on the wall to your right. Go ahead and shoot this to reveal another oxygen station, giving you a chance to refill.


Now do the same process you did at the first ADS cannon, activating it and aiming for the glowing hotspot on the Leviathan. Keep shooting, dodging the exploding blobs, until the hotspot explodes, and the cannon does as well.


Once you are done with this cannon, head towards the door you entered from and continue pass it to the opposite side of the platform. Remember, the Leviathan will throw his tentacles and exploding blobs along the way, so be aware and dodge with your boost.

Once you reach the opposite side of the platform, you will find a cannon that is covered with some substance with a glowing hotspot on top of it. Shoot this hotspot with your gun, revealing the final ADS cannon.


Repeat the process, shooting the giant hotspot on the Leviathan the same as before until the cannon breaks. This time, the cannon will explode before the Leviathan’s glowing hotspot does, which means you need to finish it off with your own gun. This should only take a few shots, wasting only a few bullets.


Congratulations, you have defeated the Leviathan and can now progress further into the story. Along the way, ensure you find all the Power Nodes you can to upgrade the best weapons so Isaac is as powerful as he can be!

Dead Space Remake is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 30th, 2023