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Death Stranding: How to Use Bikes and Other Vehicles

Bikes and trucks really help

by Kyle Hanson


Your first few hours in Death Stranding can be a truly frustrating experience. Players are dropped into the damaged, post-apocalyptic world of the game and told to walk everywhere. Once you plow through this section though, vehicles do come into play. We’ve explained a lot about them before, but it’s time to get into the nitty gritty. Here’s how to use bikes and other vehicles in Death Stranding.

How to Use Bikes and Other Vehicles

We’ve previously explained where to get vehicles in Death Stranding, so if you haven’t gotten them yet be sure to read that guide first. When they do first appear, at least if you’re following the typical route laid out by the main missions, as we suggested in our Beginner’s Guide, then the first bike you come across will be dead. It’s battery is drained and it’s sat out in the Timefall a bit too long. So, you’ll also want to read our guides on how to recharge batteries and how to repair vehicles. Once you know how to do all of those things we can explain how to use the bikes.

It’s pretty simple really, players can hop onto any vehicle by pressing square while standing next to them. If their battery is charged you can use it to get around much quicker than when you’re just on foot. Hold the right trigger, R2, to accelerate with L2 handling brakes and reverse. Once you get moving you can click the left thumbstick to get a speed boost, though this will drain the battery rather quickly. And if you run into any rocks or other obstructions they’re going to stop you dead in your tracks, so try to look for smooth places to drive. Pressing X lets you do a small hop move, which can get you over some rocks or will allow you to clear gaps if necessary.

The bikes, referred to in the game as Reverse Trikes, come in two main varieties. There’s the standard model and a long range version. The former can carry some cargo for you, while the latter will last for a very long time. Use it if you have a huge trip coming up and need the extra range. There’s also trucks in the game, which operate the same way but allow for more cargo storage and will handle rough terrain a bit better. Watch for them when you need these enhancements, but their batteries drain very quickly, so be prepared with extra PCC’s.

That’s all there is to know about how to use bikes and other vehicles in Death Stranding.

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