Destiny 2 Dawning Spirit: How to Get It, What It’s Used For, and More

I can feel my Spirit Dawning.

by Noah Nelson

Dawning Spirit is a new currency used only during the Destiny 2 Dawning 2022 event. While it isn’t ass essential as Essence of Dawning, it is a useful, if not a bit confusing, currency. Here is what Dawning Spirit is in Destiny 2 Dawning 2022 and how to get it.

What is Dawning Spirit in Destiny 2 Dawning 2022

Dawning Spirit only has one use during the Destiny 2 Dawning 2022 event and it has nothing to do with Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.1. Dawning Spirit is good for is purchasing upgrades from Eva Levante at The Tower and rolling for the Dawning 2022 weapons like the Stay Frosty Pulse Rifle.

The upgrades that Eva sells are only available during Dawning 2022 but will help you complete quests faster and be stronger all around. Some allow you to get more ingredients and Dawning Essence while others allow for focusing Dawning 2022 weapons and getting more perks on the Dawning 2022 weapons. These types of upgrades cost 40 Dawning Spirit each.

You can also upgrade the snowballs which grants them special status effects. Each snowball upgrade costs 20 Dawning Spirit. Focusing weapons costs 25 Dawning Spirit and one A Gift in Return, which is acquired by completing the Cookie Delivery Helper quest.

How to Get Dawning Spirit Quickly in Destiny 2 Dawning 2022

Now that you know why you want to get Dawning Spirit, there are multiple ways to farm it. The easiest and most reliable way to get Dawning Spirit is to complete Eva’s bounties. Her additional bounties offer one Dawning Spirit, her lower bounties offer two Dawning Spirit each, and her two higher bounties offer 10 Dawning Spirit each. You’ll also get XP, Bright Dust, and ingredients by completing these bounties.

You can also get five Dawning Spirit by completing the Event Challenges. You’ll also get an Event Ticket and other prizes like Dawning 2022 weapons, shaders, A Gift in Return, and more.

And that is everything you need to know about Dawning Spirit in Destiny 2 Dawning 2022. You have until January 3 to collect Dawning Spirit and use it to roll for the perfect Dawning 2022 weapon God Rolls.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on December 13th, 2022

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