Destiny 2 Forge’s Pledge God Roll: Best Perks for PVP and PVE

Refine your skills with Forge's Pledge.

by Noah Nelson


Forge’s Pledge is back in Destiny 2 with the Iron Banner. This Solar energy pulse rifle is one of the best Iron Banner weapons on offer, so now is the time to get it. Here are the PvP and PvE Forge’s Pledge God Rolls in Destiny 2.

Forge’s Pledge has an Adaptive Frame which means that it is a fairly well-rounded pulse rifle. It has the Shulking Wolf Basic Origin Trait which gives it radar jamming for your enemies and radar enhancing for you when you get kills at low health. Here are the basic stats for Forge’s Pledge:

  • Impact: 29
  • Range: 38
  • Stability: 52
  • Handling: 39
  • Reload Speed: 42
  • Reload Time: 2.22s
  • Magazine: 36

Forge’s Pledge PvE God Roll in Destiny 2

Though Iron Banner weapons are mainly used for PvP, Forge’s Pledge is very useful in PvE. For starters, Arrowhead Brake offers the best perks for Forge’s Pledge by reducing the recoil and increasing the handling. Since the stability is already solid, gaining control of the recoil and adding a boost to handling will make Forge’s Pledge a lot more effective.

For the magazine, the best PvE Forge’s Pledge option is Accurized Rounds. With the recoil and handling getting buffed, Accurized Rounds will focus on boosting the range.

Heating Up is the PvE perk of choice for the Forge’s Pledge God Roll. This perk will increase accuracy, stability, and recoil control upon final blows. This can stack twice which makes Forge’s Pledge even more powerful.

The best second perk for the PvE Forge’s Pledge God Roll is either Wellspring or Rampage. Wellspring will generate ability energy to any of your abilities starting with the lowest upon kills. Rampage increases the damage of Forge’s Pledge with each kill, stacking three times. Both are great perks, it just depends on how you want to build your character.

Forge’s Pledge PvP God Roll in Destiny 2

Forge’s Pledge is a powerful tool in PvP. The best barrel attachment and magazine attachment for Forge’s Pledge’ PvP God Roll is the same as the PvE choices. For the barrel, it is Arrowhead Brake and for the magazine, it is Accurized Rounds. Recoil control, handling, and range are just as important in PvP as it is in PvE.

The first perk for the Forge’s Pledge PvP God Roll is Tunnel Vision. This perk increases ADS speed and target acquisition after you defeat a target and reload. Because Crucible is fast-paced, Tunnel Vision is the best perk to keep moving and gain bonuses.

Lastly, Rampage is the best second perk for Forge’s Pledge. Rampage stacks three times, each time boosting the total damage of Forge’s Pledge. And all you need to do to get a stack of Rampage is get a kill. Perfect for PvP.

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Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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