Destiny 2 – How to Get Chipsets for Seraph Bunkers

Chipsets allow you to power up Rasputin and upgrade your Seraph Bunkers.

by Jess Menga
destiny 2 chipsets to upgrade seraph bunker season of the worthy

Destiny 2‘s Season of the Worthy comes with a slew of new seasonal currencies, but the ones that allow players to fully upgrade their Seraph Bunkers are called Chipsets. Unlike most of the other currencies in the game, Chipsets cannot be farmed. Instead, they are obtained from Rasputin at the Seraph Bunker a player intends to increase the Integration Level of one of three bunkers.

What are Chipsets?

Chipsets are an uncommon redeemable described in-game as as “nano chips” which are earned when a player upgrades a bunker’s rank. When a Guardian redeems a Chipset at a Seraph Bunker, the power of Rasputin’s network is increased to optimal levels for that bunker. This grants players added rewards, and from a lore perspective, it fortifies defenses for the Last City which must be protected from the encroaching Almighty starship in Season 10.

How to Get Chipsets

Players can earn Chipsets two different ways. The first way to get Chipsets is by upgrading the currently active Seraph Bunker, where each bunker tier upgrade from 1-3 offers 1-4 Chipsets (1 Chipset for each Tier 1 upgrade, 2 Chipsets for each Tier 2 upgrade, and 4 Chipsets for each Tier 3 upgrade). The second method is to purchase a stack of 7 Chipsets straight from Rasputin at currently active bunker. Players can buy a bunker-specific stack of 7 Chipsets in Rasputin’s bunker upgrades tab for the following materials:

  • 500 Warmind Bits
  • 5 Legendary Shards
  • 5,000 Glimmer

The hardest part of purchasing Chipsets will be accruing Warmind Bits, but players who optimize their bunker leveling by following the guides for the EDZ, Moon, and Io bunkers will have an easier time farming Warmind Bits in activities that grant them, such as Legendary Lost Sectors. Players can also get Warmind Bits from Seraph Tower public events, where successful completions of a public event can grant a player 10 Warmind Bits, whereas unsuccessful completions only grant 4 Warmind Bits. 

Numerous other activities throughout the game can grant Warmind Bits, which players can farm and save up to buy Chipsets and upgrade Rasputin’s Seraph Bunkers to their maximum levels.

- This article was updated on April 8th, 2020