Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph: Start and End Date, Activities, Everything We Know About Season 19

Destiny 19 is called Season of the Seraph.

by Noah Nelson

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph is the name of Season 19, the last season before the Lightfall expansion comes and we begin to face the Witness. In Season of the Seraph, the overall objective is to restart the Warmind Rasputin. Here is everything we know about Destiny 2 Season 19, AKA Season of the Seraph.

Destiny 2 Season 19 Start and End Date

With Destiny 2 Season of Plunder coming to a close, a new season begins. Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph begins today, December 6, 2022, and ends on February 28, 2022. Whether you are new to Destiny 2 or a returning Guardian, you can enjoy Season of the Seraph and all the new armor Ornaments and new guns it has to offer.

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph Activities

As mentioned earlier, the new Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph trailer has revealed the main objective of this season is to restore the Warmind. The Warmind is named Rasputin and is one of the earliest expansions in Destiny 2. It looks like we will primarily be facing up against the Hive.

We will learn more when the Season of the Seraph officially launches, but for now, we know that there will be new weapons to grind for, a new exotic, and new armor Ornaments. It is shaping up to be a typical season that isn’t too exciting leading up to Lightfall.

We know that Crucible, the primary PvP mode, is getting a major rework. Crucible in Destiny 2 will now feature Fireteam-Based Matchmaking instead of Skill-Based Matchmaking.

And that is everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph. If you’re curious, hop into Destiny 2 today and enjoy the free content that Season 19 brings. While Guardians will get the most by buying the Season 19 Season Pass, there is still free stuff to enjoy and experience.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on December 6th, 2022

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