Destiny 2 Throne Cleaver God Roll and How to Get It

Are you using the Throne Cleaver again in Destiny 2?

by Gordon Bicker
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Destiny 2 has plenty of excellent weapons to find throughout the game and sometimes a sword can be everything that you’ve been looking for from a heavy weapon. The Throne Cleaver in Destiny 2 was included in the game as part of Season of Opulence near the beginning of the Destiny 2 lineage. However, it has been re-introduced in Season of Defiance and is also craftable.

The Throne Cleaver has an Aggressive Frame Archetype. There is also the ability for you to have traits such as “Tireless Blade” on the weapon which will let you harness its power even more. Here are the basic stats for Throne Cleaver in Destiny 2:

  • Guard Efficiency: 50
  • Guard Resistance: 80
  • Impact: 73
  • Guard Endurance: 70
  • Charge Rate: 10
  • Ammo Capacity: 48

How to Get Throne Cleaver in Destiny 2

You will be able to get the Throne Cleaver through Defiant Engrams if you are a Titan. This is a class-specific weapon so if you are a Hunter of Warlock you can’t acquire it from the Engrams. By using the H.E.L.M.’s Defiant Engram Decoding menu you can try and decrypt “Recovered Leviathan Weapons” to get the Throne Cleaver.

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The Defiant Engrams are simply just the specific Season of Defiance Engrams. You will need two of these for decrypting Leviathan Weapons. You can get the Engrams by ranking up on your Season rank and playing activities such as the Defiant Battlegrounds mode in the game.

Throne Cleaver PvE God Roll in Destiny 2

Without a doubt, one trait that you will want to have equipped for your PvE build is Incandescent. With the Throne Cleaver, you will cause a number of explosions with just one swing of your sword. It is a powerhouse of a trait to have on the Throne Cleaver so be sure you have it on. The trait itself is craftable at Weapon Level 8.

For extra damage in PvE, we recommend having the Tempered Edge blade active for the increase in both ammo and damage. Tireless Blade is another trait that will be useful to have because of the ammo that you will get returned back with the powered sword kills.

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When you are scything through hordes of hive having this will be extremely useful. It also pairs nicely with the To Excess Base trait.

Throne Cleaver PvP God Roll in Destiny 2

For the PvP God Roll: you may still find use in having the Incandescent trait active. You could also switch it out for the Vorpal Weapon trait, this will give you extra damage to anyone with their super active. It could turn the tide of any match if you time it correctly. Another trait that is worth your time for PvP is Unrelenting since it will cause your health to start regenerating right away — great for pushing forward.

The Honed Edge is a blade perfect for making sure you get the most amount of damage too against any guardian with their super active in the Crucible; this blade increases your overall sword’s damage. Now that you have prepared the best God Rolls for any activity, you can forge ahead with your new sword in hand.

- This article was updated on March 23rd, 2023

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