Destiny 2 Veles Labyrinth Lost Sector Guide: How to Get Past the Hive Walls

Here's how to solve the Veles Labyrinth in Destiny 2.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Veles Labyrinth is a Lost Sector in Destiny 2 located in a rusted freight ship at Forgotten Shores in the Cosmodrome. Beating Veles Labyrinth the first time is hard since finding the solution to the Hive walls is difficult, but beating Veles Labyrinth as a Legendary or Master Lost Sector is near impossible if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here is how to beat the Veles Labyrinth Lost Sector in Destiny 2.

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How to Beat Veles Labyrinth in Destiny 2, Explained

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you are going through Veles Labyrinth for the first time in Destiny 2 or you forgot how to do it while trying to beat the Legendary or Master Lost Sector, I’ve created the perfect step-by-step guide to help you through this maze.

Destiny 2 Veles Labyrinth: How to Get Past the First Hive Wall

First, to get past the Hive wall that blocks the way, you need to shoot the round rock on the wall. These usually have Hive runes on them, like in the Ghosts of the Deep Ecthar Boss encounter, so shoot them, wait a few seconds for the Hive wall to deactivate, and continue forward.

Destiny 2 Veles Labyrinth: How to Get Past the Second Hive Wall

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To deactivate the second Hive wall, turn right and go into the room emanating red light. If you are playing on Legendary or Master, a Barrier Knight is in here with a bunch of Thralls. Be careful and use the best Seasonal Artifact perks to eliminate the Barrier Champion.

The Hive rune is on the back wall. Shoot it and the Hive wall in the main hallway should deactivate.

Destiny 2 Veles Labyrinth: How to Get Past the Third Hive Wall

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It is very easy to get lost in the next part. Turn left at the first fork in the road — the one with the white symbol with two lines and a circle.

Run down this hallway and turn back once you see the blue room on your right. The first Hive rune is in the corridor to the right of the blue room. Kill the Thralls and shoot the Hive rune on the wall.

The second Hive rune is in the blue room on the left wall, but beware of exploding Thralls.

With both runes shot and activated, go back down the first hallway you came down. Then, once you are back at the fork in the road, keep to the right through all the hallways. Whenever you see that white symbol with two lines and a circle, keep right and you’ll get to the third Hive gate.

Destiny 2 Veles Labyrinth: How to Get to the Boss

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  • Destiny-2-Veles-Labyrinth-Unstoppable-Orge

In the hallway ahead that leads down, you’ll come across multiple Thrall, exploding Thrall, and a Barrier Champion on Legendary or Master. This Barrier Champ will destroy you quickly with its grenade launcher shots, so I recommend waiting at the top and shooting all the exploding Thrall to quickly kill the Barrier Champion.

Continue forward and you’ll see a big room with a stairwell on the right. Kill the Acolytes and continue up. Another Barrier Champion is at the top of the stairs, so be careful. Tons of Thrall will swarm you, so watch out for that as well.

If that wasn’t challenging enough, there is an Unstoppable Orge on the other side of the cavern. Use whatever you have to stun it and defeat it quickly. Past that are a few Knights and a Shrieker which you can take out safely by sticking to the wall on the left and taking shots when safe.

Destiny 2 Veles Labyrinth: How to Defeat the Boss

  • Destiny-2-Veles-Labyrinth-Wizard
  • Destiny-2-Veles-Labyrinth-Ak-Baral-Boss

You’ve finally make it to the area where the boss spawns in. But first, you need to defeat a few waves of Hive. Some of the waves feature Wizards with a lot of health, so watch out for that.

After defeating the waves of Acolytes, Ak-Baral, Rival of Navota will emerge. To kill it fast, use your Super and Heavy Ammo. The boss comes down pretty quickly in normal, Legendary, and Master difficulties.

Right when the boss is eliminated, I recommend ignoring all the other enemies and opening the chest on the ledge left of the Hive portal. Quickly jump up there and open the chest to get your rewards.

On Legendary, my first try with this Lost Sector took me around 10 minutes and all of my respawns. Thankfully, I got Cenotaph Mask on my first try which pairs really well with The Navigator. Hopefully, you have the same luck I did.

- This article was updated on June 1st, 2023

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