Do You Need To Play The Forest Before Sons of the Forest? Explained

Do you need to play through the first to know more about the second?

by Shaun Cichacki
Sons of the Forest
Image: Endnight Games

While players flock in droves into the wicked and sadistic world of Sons of the Forest, there is a lingering question that may be hanging in the back of one’s mind: do I need to play The Forest first to understand what is happening? Is a playthrough of The Forest even necessary to understand what is happening on this sick and twisted Island? Let’s jump in with our best armor, and survive the droves of creatures hoping to bring us to an end.

Do I need To Play The Forest Before Playing Sons of the Forest?

If you’re looking to jump into one or the other, you’ll be glad to know that playing through The Forest isn’t necessary. While you may see some small easter eggs or throwbacks to the first game, there really isn’t anything that ties the two of these titles together, beyond the name.

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Yes, you may find yourself stranded on Site 2, which is uncovered at the end of the first game, but that’s the main takeaway between these two titles, beyond their names. You’re playing as a completely new person, on a completely new land, with no major story to link the two of them together. While it feels strange that there isn’t a whole lot of connection between these two titles, it’s great for those hoping to save some money.

With all of the changes and upgrades to Sons of the Forest, it may be hard to revisit the original in the future, so if you’re hoping to get acquainted with the game to learn the basics of survival, it may not hurt to give The Forest a playthrough first before jumping into the newest entry. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a gorgeous survival game, just jump right on into Sons of the Forest.

- This article was updated on March 2nd, 2023