Does Forspoken Have New Game Plus?

Experience the adventure all over again.

by Noah Nelson

Whether you have Forspoken or are still on the fence about it, something that you may want to know is if it has new game plus (otherwise known as NG+). If for some reason, you don’t know what NG+ is, it is a mode that you can select after completing the main story. With this mode selected, you’ll be able to replay the core experience of a game at a harder difficulty with the gear and progress you made during your first playthrough. Here’s if Forspoken does or doesn’t have NG+.

Does Forspoken Have NG+?

At the time of writing this, Forspoken does not have a NG+ mode. While it may be upsetting to some that Forspoken doesn’t have NG+, there is still plenty to do in Athia after you’ve completed the game.

Unless you’re a completionist and have finished every side activity before completing the game, when you finish the main story of Forspoken, you’ll have every magic tree available as well as an open world filled with things to do.

After you complete Forspoken, all of the activities you didn’t do, except for some of the time-sensitive Detours, will be available to you. You can track down every cloak in the game and learn how to earn Mana fast to unlock every spell. Though there isn’t a NG+ mode, you will have plenty to do after you’ve beat the game.

There are even new side quests and dungeons that open up after you’ve completed Forspoken. Once you’ve unshaded every part of the map, you’ll be able to complete everything you skipped as you zipped through the story.

So while Forspoken doesn’t currently have a NG+ option, you will be spoiled for choice with activities and quests to complete if you left most of this for post-story.

Forspoken is available now for PlayStation 5 and PC.

- This article was updated on January 25th, 2023