Dying Light 2: Where to Find Inhibitors to Increase Health and Stamina

"Inhibitor container detected"

by Elliott Gatica


One of the more fun aspects of Dying Light 2 is the ability to reach extreme heights and perform cool parkouring tricks in a post-apocalyptic world. Aiden Caldwell might be a damn good athlete, but he does eventually tire out or can take one hit too many to hit an early grave. He’ll definitely need to get more inhibitors to help sustain himself as the horde grows more rampant. Here is where you can find inhibitors to increase your health and stamina in Dying Light 2.

Where to find inhibitors for health and stamina in Dying Light 2

Inhibitors can be found in a multitude of areas while playing the game. You’ll be briefly introduced to them as Hakon shows you the ropes and lets you in on some things in old Villedor. When you start to realize the potential of your GRE Key, it can do more than meets the eye. In fact, it’ll allow you access to derelict facilities that have a lot of worthwhile loot. Here are some sources where you can find inhibitors.

GRE Quarantine Buildings


Since inhibitors are GRE tech, it would only make sense that a few of these have been left behind after society’s fall. These areas are rather dangerous because the infected have made their way into these facilities and occupy it with large numbers. It’s recommended that you only visit these places at night so that you’ll encounter minimum opposition.

These areas are very dark, even during the day, so your immunity levels will start to decrease. In any case, you want to get through these places fast. Find what you need and get out before you start to turn or get overwhelmed by the sleepers inside.

GRE Anomalies

You’ll come across some gated areas that, if entered, will tell you that you’re entering a restricted area. In that case, you should make note of the time of day. If you enter these restricted areas at night, you will fight a Revenant. This is a miniboss of sorts that’ll have you going through progressively tougher stages of a rather long fight.

Hidden safes


There are some areas off the beaten path where you may have to hone your parkouring skills. When you do come across a safe with a twist knob, you’ll need to input the correct code in them. If not, you won’t be able to open these safes. In that case, look around the area where you found it. Chances are, there will be some kind of collectible that gives an obvious hint to its solution.

As for even locating inhibitors, make sure your game audio is on so you can hear when your GRE key tells you “inhibitor container detected”. It’s a good indicator that you’re at least 50 meters within its location. Keep scouting the area until the key then tells you “Inhibitor container nearby”. Once you get that audio cue, you’re within 15 meters of it.

Dying Light 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. A Nintendo Switch port is due for release later this year in 2022.

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