Elden Ring: How to Get to the Divine Tower of West Atlus

This hidden tower is deep inside the Sealed Tunnel.

by William Schwartz


The Divine Tower of West Atlus is a somewhat hidden tower in Elden Ring that you’re going to need to uncover if you want to activate Rykard’s Rune.  There are a couple of requirements to being able to access this area in Elden Ring, and in this guide we’re going to explain how you can easily get to the Divine Tower of West Atlus and activate Rykard’s Rune.

How to Get to the Divine Tower of West Atlus

First and foremost, the Divine Tower of West Atlus is somewhat hidden.  Deep inside of a cave with numerous illusory walls (and a mini-boss) you will find the gateway to the Divine Tower of West Atlus as well as a number of different items like Smithing Stones, a bell bearing and even a mini-boss.  To access the Divine Tower of West Atlus you’re going to need to go into the Sealed Tunnel in the Capital area of Elden Ring.  If you’ve yet to make it to the Sealed Tunnel, check out this guide for complete instructions.

Once inside the tunnel you will find that it’s rather small, but if you explore a bit you will find that there are numerous hidden pathways.  Check out the video above for the exact path.

If you’re looking to get inside of the Tower, it’s going to be shut unless you’ve beaten Rykard and you’ve got the rune.  So make sure you check out this guide to beating Rykard so you can actually get in the tower.  Briefly though, you’ll want to snag the Serpent Hunter sword and if you want an easy boss fight just level it up and you can kill him with ease in both forms.

Rykard Lord of Blasphemy Easy Fight

And that’s it.  So long as you’ve got the rune you should be able to make it though the Sealed Tunnel area fairly easily.  Once you make it to the Tower of West Atlus there are no other enemies to fight.  Simply make your way to the elevator and up to the top of the tower to activate the rune.

Check out these Elden Ring Guides for more tips and tricks like this.  Elden Ring is available now on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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