Elden Ring: How to Open the Locked Chest by Rennala

What's in Rennala's chest?

by Diego Perez


After defeating Rennala in Elden Ring, players will find a locked chest next to her in the Raya Lucaria Library. The chest is locked and there’s no key in sight, leaving many Elden Ring players wondering how they’re supposed to get it open to claim the reward inside. Unfortunately, opening Rennala’s locked chest is no easy feat, and you’ll have to come back much later in the game with a certain item in order to find out what’s inside. Thankfully, the reward is very much worth the effort, and it will help you get one of Elden Ring’s endings. Here’s how to open the locked chest by Rennala in Elden Ring.

How to Open the Locked Rennala Chest in Elden Ring

To open Rennala’s locked chest, you need a key item called the Discarded Palace Key. This key cannot be obtained until much later in the game after you have beaten certain bosses and reached certain areas. To keep things as spoiler-free as possible, make sure you find Ranni and agree to serve her.

This will start Ranni’s questline, which will eventually lead to you opening Rennala’s chest. If you haven’t yet found Ranni, she is located in the northwestern section of Liurnia at the Three Sisters, accessed after defeating Royal Knight Loretta at Caria Manor. For a more detailed explanation with minor spoilers, continue reading below.


Everything from here on out will contain minor spoilers, so turn away if you’d rather go in blind.

Finding Blaidd in Siofra

After choosing to serve Ranni, she will introduce you to Blaidd, Seluvis, and Iji. You’ll then be sent to meet Blaidd at the Siofra River Well, leading to a massive new underground area. Blaidd will then tell you to go seek Seluvis for advice at Seluvis’s Rise back at the Three Sisters, and he’ll then tell you to go deliver a letter to Sorceress Sellen in Limgrave in exchange for his services. After finding Sellen, you can return back to Blaidd in Siofra to continue the questline.


Defeating Starscourge Radahn

Blaidd will tell you that there’s a festival being held in Caelid centered around General Radahn, and that’s your next target. Head to Redmane Castle at the southern edge of Caelid to begin the festivities and take on Starscourge Radahn. This is a really, really tough boss battle, but you can check out our Radahn cheese strategy guide to make quick work of him. After beating Radahn, you can now make your way to Nokron, Eternal City with Blaidd.


Finding Nokron, Eternal City

The entrance to Nokron can be found to the west of Fort Haight in Limgrave, just south of the Mistwood. The meteor that fell from the sky after beating Radahn created a crater in the surface allowing access to the city. Once you arrive, visit the Night’s Sacred Ground area and find the Fingerslayer Blade in a chest in the area. Bring the blade to Ranni to receive the Carian Inverted Statue, bringing you one step closer to opening Rennala’s chest.

Obtaining the Cursemark of Death

Take the Carian Inverted Statue to the Carian Study Hall to the east of Academy Gate Town in Liurnia, and then place it on the pedestal. This will invert the entire area. Fight your way through the inverted Carian Study Hall to reach the Divine Tower of Liurnia where you can collect the Cursemark of Death. Take the Cursemark back to the Three Sisters, climb to the top of Renna’s Rise in the northeast, and use the portal at the top of the tower.

Miniature Ranni and the Baleful Shadow

You’ll find yourself in Ainsel River Main. Take the Miniature Ranni item directly in front of you and then take it to the nearby Site of Grace. Select “talk to minature Ranni” to receive your next objective, which is to slay the Baleful Shadow.  You can find the Baleful Shadow to the west of the Nokstella, Eternal City Site of Grace at the bottom of a tower.

After defeating the Baleful Shadow, you will finally receive the Discarded Palace Key. Now you can return to the Raya Lucaria Academy and open the locked chest near Renalla to obtain the Dark Moon Ring. This is an important key item for completing Ranni’s questline, and you’re near the end of her story at this point.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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