Elden Ring: They Didn’t Seem Right or They Were Magnificent Choice Guide

How should you describe the Two Fingers to Varré?

by Marc Magrini


Players in Elden Ring will be presented with numerous choices throughout their journey. Some of these choices have long-lasting impacts, shattering the player’s ability to progress with questlines or even to obtain exclusive endings. White-Faced Varré offers a choice of his own as you progress through his questline, asking players if the Two Fingers “didn’t seem right” or “were magnificent”. The ramifications of this choice may seem daunting at first, but players can rest easy in knowing that the consequences aren’t as bad as they seem.

“They didn’t seem right” or “They were magnificent”?

To obtain this quest for Varré in the first place, players must defeat one of the demigods and meet the Two Fingers at Roundtable Hold. When first meeting Varré at the start of the game, he’ll recommend that the player defeats Godrick the Grafted first, which can prove to be a quick and easy way to achieve this task. The next time you meet Varré will be at Rose Church in Liurna of the Lakes, where he’ll ask you what you think of – as he describes – the supposed “masters of the grace”. To continue his questline, players must choose “They didn’t seem right” to gain new dialogue from Varré.

However, this choice doesn’t matter very much. Saying “They were magnificent” simply has Varré feign agreement with you, and you can speak with him again to receive the prompt a second time. Following each of Varré’s prompts will simply let you continue with his quest; there is nothing major that you’ll miss if you join his side, despite how consequential his words are made out to be. This is a trait that, surprisingly, is shared with numerous other important NPCs. This includes Ranni the Witch and the loathsome Dung Eater. There are still certain questlines that the player can miss out on in certain contexts, but there’s no need to worry about this choice Varré gives you.

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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