Escape From Tarkov Console Release Date: Everything We Know About PlayStation & Xbox Port

Escape From Tarkov is getting console releases!

by Gordon Bicker


Escape From Tarkov has been a great success with players returning to the game time and time again as they take part in everything that it has to offer. The next wipe is also likely arriving extremely soon so now is an excellent time to begin playing through the experience if you haven’t had a chance to do so yet. There also has been a lot of interest about the game making its way to consoles and when it will do that. This guide article will take you over everything you need to know about the Escape From Tarkov console release.

Escape From Tarkov Console Release Date

There has been no confirmed release date as of yet for the console ports. However, the console ports have been “planned” for a long time and thus this year looks like it may be a potential year to see the release of the game for consoles. Given the fact that Escape From Tarkov’s popularity is continuing along with frequent patches, a console release would surely propel the game into an even further highest echelon of games.

In December of last year, a lead game developer confirmed that the team was still focusing on bringing Escape From Tarkov to consoles which means that it definitely will be on the cards and is confirmed for fans as of the moment. It will be taking the team a bit of time for preparing console ports due to the various processes development teams have to go through when porting games. All in all, the time that it takes ensures that it will be a smooth publish for the game on consoles.

I would predict that we may see Escape From Tarkov arriving in Quarter 3 this year due to the fact that the original ‘release’ for the beta was the 27th of July in 2017. This is still all theory and it won’t be known exactly when the game will release for PlayStation and Xbox but with some hope, it may indeed be this year.

Benefits Of Escape From Tarkov Arriving To Consoles

There are many benefits to the game making its way to consoles, the main one of course is that more people will get to play through the game. Those who perhaps do not have access to a PC or Laptop that they can play through the game on but have enjoyed watching it through platforms such as Twitch.

Further, it also could mean that cross-play may be a potential for the game. This would therefore mean that there are no barriers to people being able to play through the game with each other no matter what platform they decide to choose. Cross-play has been increasing rapidly in volume over the last few years and it is a thrill watching people be able to join up with others regardless of the platform.

One thing is for certain and that is when the experience does arrive for consoles, there are going to be many excited fans indeed!

Escape from Tarkov is available now on PC.

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