Every Storyline to Follow in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Will you catch 'em all?

by Kara Phillips


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have players patiently waiting for an all-new approach to adventure, and with several new mechanics, such as an entirely open-world adventure being introduced to the franchise, there is a lot to learn. In addition, for the first time, this game will allow players to chisel their own path in Paldea and approach the storyline at whatever pace suits them. So it’s best you know which storyline you’d like to focus on first before you step foot into Generation 9. Read on to discover what exactly to expect.

Everything You Need to Know About the Storylines in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Unlike previous Pokemon games, Scarlet and Violet offer trainers a more personalized experience within the story. There are no restrictions to sticking to one linear route; instead, you can pick which destiny you wish to start with and build from there. There are three predominant storylines for trainers to follow during their time in Paldea, and they can be taken on at any desired pace. Gym leaders no longer have to be taken on in an A to B pattern, and you can spend more time learning about Pokemon than you have ever been able to. But if you’re more into the combat side of things, there is something for you too.

The Victory Road Route

The Victory Road route is the traditional approach to Pokemon, which every player will be familiar with. You will need to take on all eight gyms within the region and eventually work your way up to  Victory Road before taking on the Pokemon Champion and taking their place. This is the most authentic experience players will have with Pokemon, while there is ample opportunity to discover what Paldea offers and develop your perfect party for the final battle.

The Path of Legends Route

With the Path of Legends Route, trainers will accompany the school and, more specifically, Arven, on a mission to discover what Paldea’s rich environment offers. You will come face to face with various Pokemon and focus more on learning everything there is to know about them rather than what it takes to beat them. For players tired of combat and challenge, this route may offer a more relaxed approach to gameplay than Victory Road trainers are used to. However, there is still an element of battle through meeting Titan Pokemon and discovering how they came to be.

The Starfall Street Route

Starfall Street will put you and your party to the test with a consistent engagement with this Generation’s nemesis, Team Star. You will enter Starfall Street to begin this challenge, facing hordes of Team Star Pokemon with your own party and eventually working your way up to facing off with the team leader. This route will challenge you to be on your a-game regarding all things competitive meta, and you will need to optimize your party to become the strongest battle-ready team in Paldea.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be available on Nintendo Switch on November 18.

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