Everything We Know About Starfield | Release Date, Planets, Multiplayer, and More

What adventure do the stars hold for you?

by Noah Nelson


Starfield is the newest open-world (or open-galaxy) game from Bethesda Game Studios, the creators of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. This ambitious new IP is bound to be filled with an excellent story, fully fleshed-out side quests, and amazing characters and scenery. With all that is going into this game, hopefully, it won’t be too barren or broken. Here is everything we know about Starfield.

What is the Starfield Release Date?

Starfield’s holiday 2022 release date was delayed to early 2023. Starfield is going to be an Xbox Exclusive but also be on PC and it will be available on day one on Xbox Game Pass. Hopefully one day PlayStation will receive Starfield as well.

How Many Planets Will Starfield Have?

From the trailer, we learned that Starfield will have over 1,000 planets that are fully explorable. Though this is kind of alarming, it could be brilliant if Bethesda pulls it off.

Will Starfield Have Multiplayer?

Like the massive RPG adventure games before them, Starfield will be a single-player experience. With that said, it could have multiplayer through mods 10 years after its release like Skyrim did with Skyrim Together Reborn.

What is Customizable in Starfield?

Luckily, your ship’s look and functionality are fully customizable in Starfield. Also, there is an element of base-building called Outposts which will be fully customizable as well. Lastly and most obviously, the character creation at the beginning of the game will be fully customizable. With all of this customization, Starfield is going to give players a lot of freedom to create their own space adventure.

Starfield is going to have a massive mystery main quest involving space exploration, be filled with various factions to align with, and give you space combat, planet combat, and much more. For all of your Starfield news, be sure to check out our Starfield page.

Starfield releases in 2023 as an Xbox Series X|S exclusive and will be on PC. The game will also feature as a day one release on Xbox Game Pass.

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