Fortnite: How to Get the Everything’s End Glider, Chrome Cage Back Bling, and Unmaker Pickaxe for Free

Did somebody say trick-or-treat?

by Noah Nelson


Fortnitemares is live in Fortnite and there are some free chrome cosmetics to snag. The cosmetics on offer are the Everything’s End Glider, Chrome Cage Back Bling, and Unmaker Pickaxe. In between collecting Candy, you can make progress towards unlocking free cosmetics during Fortnitemares in Fortnite. Here’s how.

How to Get Free Fortnitemares Cosmetics

To get the Everything’s End Glider, Chrome Cage Back Bling, and Unmaker Pickaxe, all you need to do is complete Fortnitemare quests. Here are the milestones for each Fortnitemare cosmetic:

  • Everything’s End Glider – Complete 5 Fortnitemares Quests
  • Chrome Cage Back Bling – Complete 13 Fortnitemare Quests
  • Unmaker Pickaxe – Complete 25 Fortnitemare Quests

The Fortnitemare event ends on November 1 at 2:00 AM ET. That means you only have a couple of weeks to get the Fortnitemares Glider, Back Bling, and Pickaxe.

New Fortnitemare Quests roll out each day. If you only see a short list of Fortnitemare Quests so far, scroll down further to see when the next batch of Fortnitemare Quests will be available.

Rumor has it that a free Fortnitemares skin will be available via a Fortnitemares Quest or by completing them all. You can also get a specific Banner Icon by defeating Inkquisitor at Grim Gables. Whatever you do, make sure to have fun.

There is no better way to celebrate Halloween than to don your best Fortnite Halloween skin, get out there to find all of the Goofy Gravestones, and earn a Victory Royale or two. And the best part is that you can do all of that while knocking out a few Fortnitemare Quests each game.

If you need help completing any Fortnitemare Quests or just want to stay up-to-date on all things Fortnite, visit our Fortnite page for more.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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