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Genshin Impact – How to Increase World Level

The world will grow with you when you increase the World Level.

by Brandon Adams


The world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact isn’t entirely static, and as you level your Adventure Rank you’ll be able to increase the overall World Level. A greater World Level in Genshin Impact leads to tougher enemies, better loot, and an increase in your Adventure Rank cap. So, what does a traveler like you need to do to increase the World Level in Genshin Impact?

World Level in Genshin Impact is increased by leveling your Adventure Rank.

World Level increases are tied to your Adventure Rank, so you’ll need to focus on leveling that if you want to bump up the difficulty and rewards. World Level unlocks also come in two flavors: automatic and quest-locked. For reference, here are how the current three World Levels are unlocked:

  • World Level 1 – Adventure Rank 20
    • World Level automatically increases to 1 once you reach Rank 20 and visit the Adventure Guild.
  • World Level 2 – Adventure Rank 25
    • World Level is increased after finishing the Ascension Quest in your quest-log.
  • World Level 3 – Adventure Rank 30
    • World Level automatically increases to 3 once your reach Rank 30 and visit the Adventure Guild.


As Genshin Impact is updated expect the World Level and Adventure Rank caps to increase. A good rule of thumb is every five Adventure Ranks will lead to an increase to World Level (so, Adventure Rank 35 will unlock access to World Level 4, and so on). Do note that there isn’t a way to reduce World Level, so be sure to level up your primary party prior to boosting the level. An easy rule of thumb for tracking general level increases is to double the Adventure Rank required to unlock the associated World Level. I.E. World Level 2 enemies tend to cap at level 50.

As for the quest: it will take place in an Advanced Domain, and you will have to clear a handful of rooms on enemies, platform between segments, and clear not one, but two timed-battles (the final being against an actual boss). Be sure to level up your characters and equipment beforehand, and you should be fine. Yes, having the recommended elements does help, but if you have a party that crushes then it won’t hamper you too much to run with a few of the missing recommendations.

- This article was updated on:October 6th, 2020

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