Ghostwire Tokyo Blindness Quest Guide: Lost Phone Card Location

Trust me, you aren't blind.

by Noah Nelson


In the Blindness quest in Ghostwire: Tokyo, it is really easy to lose the lost phone card location. Fairly early in the quest, the game will require you to pick up a lost phone card. In the early access PS5 version that I played, the lost phone card can be extremely hard to find. You might even think the game is broken. Don’t fear, here is your guide to the lost phone card in Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Blindness quest.

Lost Phone Card Location in Ghostwire: Tokyo

As mentioned previously, the Blindness quest in Chapter 3 of Ghostwire: Tokyo can have you feeling like you are blind. After defeating one of the first Lamentation Visitor you ever encounter, you’ll need to grab the lost phone card in the same area. If you use Spectral Vision, the golden quest thread will lead you to an empty parking lot. After several minutes of searching on the ground and on the objects around the parking lot, there seems to be no lost phone card.

Whether this is something that is patched later or is intentional, the way to get around not finding the lost phone card in the Ghostwire: Tokyo Blindness quest is to leave the area and do a different activity. You can cleanse a nearby torii gate or even discover a new yokai in a side quest. You don’t need to worry about losing progress with the main quest because you can resume where you left off at any point in any main quest.

Something about leaving the area and doing something else refreshes the main quest. Now, if you return to the Blindness quest, you will find the lost phone card sitting on the ground in the parking lot. It is sort of to the right of the entrance and should be visible on the ground and with your Spectral Vision. It is unclear why finding the lost phone card location is so tricky at first in the Blindness quest, but that is the current workaround for it. If a patch comes that allows for the lost phone card to appear immediately after defeating the Lamentation comes out, we will let you know.

Whether you run into this problem or not, we have dozens of other helpful Ghostwire: Tokyo guides to help you navigate haunted Tokyo. We cover everything from side quests to XP farming. For all of your Ghostwire: Tokyo needs, stick with Attack of the Fanboy.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available March 25, 2022, on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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