God of War Ragnarok Gna Cheese Guide: How to Beat Gna in Defend Your Valor Favor Quest

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by Noah Nelson

If you clicked on this, hopefully, you know that it contains heavy God of War Ragnarok spoilers about how to defeat Gna, the final endgame boss, easily. That said, if you are looking for a way to cheese Gna, you’ve come to the right place. Here is how to defeat Gna easily in God of War Ragnarok.

How to Defeat Gna Easily in God of War Ragnarok

Gna is an extremely hard boss in God of War Ragnarok. Even with the best armor and the highest level, Gna is a challenge. To cheese the Gna boss battle, you need to utilize range.

The first step in cheesing Gna is to get her to constantly stutter. To do this, use Freya’s Runic Summon called Invoke the Storm. This will continually hit Gna, knocking her back and canceling her attacks every time.

While this is happening, throw the spear at Gna over and over again. Once the maximum amount of spears are in Gna, detonate them. Then repeat the process. Gna should constantly be getting her attack canceled, but sometimes she may charge right at you, so be careful and dodge when necessary.

If you have defeated all of the Berserkers and have the Hilt of Skofnung, be sure to use that as many times as you can. If you continually use Freya’s Runic ability, your Runic ability, and spam spears, you’ll defeat Gna easily. It may take some time because she has a lot of health, but you’ll have beaten the hardest boss in the game.

The armor I suggest using is the Hunter’s armor set. This set increases the damage of all your ranged attacks, which is great for this Gna strategy. All you really need is the Hunter’s waist and wrist armor; you can use the Dragon Scale chest armor since it is the best boost to strength and defense in the game.

And that is how to quickly and efficiently defeat Gna in God of War Ragnarok. With Gna defeated, you’ll have brought closure to Freya and will be able to continue to finish any other Favors lingering in the nine realms.

God of War Ragnarok is available now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

- This article was updated on November 11th, 2022

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