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Grounded: Stepping Stone Summit Marker Location

Explore the western portion of the backyard.

by Diego Perez


After completing Grounded‘s limited story content, you’ll meet a robot named BURG.L who serves as your primary mission giver and vendor. BURG.L offers a wide variety of missions for you to work on that range from exploring new areas to taking on some of the backyard’s toughest bugs. Finishing these missions rewards you with Raw Science, an important currency that allows you to unlock new items and crafting recipes. One of these missions asks you to complete a marker at Stepping Stone Summit, but there’s no way to see where this location is unless you’ve already been there before.

Grounded Stepping Stone Summit Location

Stepping Stone Summit is located in the far western portion of the backyard. You’ll have to go almost all the way to the fence before you come across the stones you’re looking for. Head directly west from the Mysterious Machine until you reach a pond surrounded by clovers. Just across the pond, you’ll see a pile of stepping stones by the giant picnic table. The marker is at the highest peak of the stones, so you’ll have to use the nearby leaves to climb on top.


The marker location is on the highest rock of the Stepping Stone Summit overlooking the rest of the backyard. You’ll have a clear view of all of the game’s landmarks, making this a great location to get your bearings if you ever get lost. Walk to the highlighted area and construct a marker to complete the quest. You will need the required materials to construct the marker, but the necessary resources aren’t very hard to obtain. You’ll need 1 Clover Leaf, 2 Plant Fiber, and 2 Sprigs to build it. After building the marker, you’ll be done with the mission.

The Stepping Stone Summit marker mission is just one of many missions that you can get from BURG.L, and it certainly won’t be the last time he’ll ask you to find an area you’ve never been to before. Other locations include the Great Oak Beacon, Spade Gulch, and Toad Swamp, all of which require you to build markers at specific spots.

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