Harvestella: How to Unlock Bombs

You're the best swabbie of all time! So...I guess I'll just give you the bombs! Go on! Take 'em!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to unlock bombs in Harvestella so you can blow up those pesky destructible walls hiding that sweet, sweet treasure? If you are like me, you probably had flashbacks to every Legend of Zelda game ever made, tink-tink, when you ran into your first one. Another huge aspect of Harvestella is its exploring and dungeons. When you need to take a break from fishing, crafting, or cooking you can go exploring. Unlocking the Bomb recipe will take some time, but if you follow this guide you will know exactly how and when you will unlock them.

How to Unlock Bombs in Harvestella

Unlocking Bombs is probably one of the most challenging objectives we have provided guides for so far because of having to progress the story to a certain point. To do this, you must wait for a certain amount of in-game time to pass and complete your first Quietus Dungeon.

Quietus Dungeons

It will, unfortunately, take some time for you to progress the game far enough to unlock the Bomb recipe. You will find the first bombable wall in the first Quietus Dungeon you gain access to. Quietus Dungeons become available for one in-game day in between seasons. The first Quietus Dungeon is unlocked between the Spring and Summer seasons. A season lasts for 30 in-game days, so you can see why it will take a bit to unlock Bombs.

Who is Aria?


Harvestella has many side quests and NPC character stories you will experience during your journey. For example, Aria is a scientist who accidentally traveled to the past during an accident. She will live in your house while exploring different mysteries in Harvestella. She is super important to us because she will unlock the Bomb recipe. You will need to progress the story until Aria joins your party. After she joins your party, you can interact with a destructible wall, and she will give you the Bomb recipe. You can now craft Bombs using the workbench located in your house.

Which Walls are Destructible?

You can tell a wall is destructible by the glowing indicator in front of them. Interact with the wall, and you can use a Bomb in your inventory to destroy it. This will reveal any treasure hidden behind them. Yay! Make sure you return to any previously found destructible walls you found so you don’t miss any valuable loot. Harvestella has different levels of Bombs, so if you cannot use your newly gained level one Bombs, you will have to wait to unlock higher-level bombs to destroy them.

Harvestella is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC.

- This article was updated on November 4th, 2022

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