Hello Kitty Island Adventure Nature Preserve Critter List Locations

Are you trying to find all of the Critter Lists in Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

by Gordon Bicker
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Hello Kitty Island Adventure has a lot of quests that involve you having to find particular items, one of these quests have you searching for Critter Lists for the Nature Preserve. The quest itself can be started once you reach level 2 friendship with Keroppi, I recommend giving Lotus Blossoms (found near Keroppi) to level the Friendship up. This article will take you through where to find all the Critter List locations in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

All Critter List Locations in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

When you have started the quest tasking you to open up the Nature Preserve, you will be able to find the first Critter List hidden in the world. There are five Critter Lists in total that you will have to find. The first Critter List is outside but the four others are all on the inside of the Nature Preserve so there are no specific map locations for those. This is different from quests such as the Umbrella Escapade where you had to find all of them outside in the world.

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Swamp Habitat Critter List

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In order to find the Swamp Habitat Critter List, go around the back left of the Nature Preserve. You will have already been inside the Nature Preserve by this point so you need to go outside and then around the back. The Swamp Habitat (Bog) Critter List will be located just underneath a tree. Pick it up by tapping the Glove icon and then head back inside to place it down and open the Swamp Habitat.

Seaside Critter List

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Within the Nature Preserve in the Swamp Habitat room, head to the top left. You will find an area that I noticed was almost shielded slightly by the rock wall. Around the side, you can find the Seaside Critter List nestled away just underneath the tree. Once you have grabbed it, make your way back to the central area and place the Critter List down at the Seaside door.

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Reef Critter List

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In the Seaside room, you can find the Reef Critter List if you turn behind you and swim across the water to the South-west. You will need Flippers for this which can be crafted after you have spoken to Keroppi which you have by now. When you have Flippers, make your way to the crates and on the larger crate will be the Reef Critter List.

Gemstone Critter List

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As for the Gemstone Critter List, it can be found in the Reef room within the center of the area underwater — another room which you need to have a certain item for. You will need the Snorkel to swim underwater. To craft the Snorkel you need to reach level six friendship with Kuromi. I recommend giving gifts such as pumpkins which are found close to Kuromi.

One of the materials you will need for crafting the Snorkel is rubber but you will be an expert at finding that by now thanks to the Water Balloon quest.

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Volcano Critter List

The final Critter List is found in the Gemstone room but you will need a pickaxe to actually obtain the Citter List inside. For the Pickaxe you need to raise My Melody’s friendship level to 11. After this, you can make your way back to the Gemstone room and find a large boulder on the west side of the room with a crack in it.

Use the pickaxe on the boulder, you can grab the Volcano Critter List. Now you will have found all of the Critter Lists in Hello Kitty Island Adventure and have a fully opening Nature Preserve — well done!

- This article was updated on August 1st, 2023

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