Hogwarts Legacy: Should you Contain or Open [Spoiler]

Perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it.

by Tom Cunliffe
Containing the Repository Hogwarts Legacy
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Toward the end of the final Main Quest of Hogwarts Legacy, you will reach the Final Repository with a bit of help from your professors. Before approaching it, Professor Fig will inquire about what you intend to do with it. You can choose between “I intend to keep it contained here” or “I intend to open it.”

Although most choices in Hogwarts Legacy are simple one-time dialogue changes, your decision here will drastically affect the game’s ending. To help you make the right choice, this guide details the consequences of both choices and whether or not you should open or contain the Repository.

Should You Open The Final Repository or Keep It Contained in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Whether you choose to open or contain the Final Repository in Hogwarts Legacy will depend on the ending you want and does not have any direct effect on gameplay itself. You can choose to harness the power and continue Isidora‘s legacy or adhere to the Keepers‘ advice and become its protector. The full details for both endings can be found below

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the ending of Hogwarts Legacy and the fate of a major character.

What Happens If You Contain the Final Repository in Hogwarts Legacy?

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If you choose “I intend to keep it contained here” during the Final Repository mission in Hogwarts Legacy, rocks will topple upon Professor Fig, and the final battle with Ranrok will occur. Once Ranrok has been defeated, Professor Fig will recover and help you to contain the Ancient Magic within the Final Repository.

Your joint effort will successfully seal the Ancient Magic away, though not without grave cost. Professor Fig will have a final touching moment with his young friend before passing away with Miriam’s Wand clutched to his chest.

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What Happens If You Open the Final Repository in Hogwarts Legacy?

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If you choose “I intend to open it,” the same pre-boss fight cutscene will play, though Professor Fig will be crushed to death by the falling rocks. After Ranrok is defeated, the player character is able to repair the Repository and harness the power of Ancient Magic for themselves, inhaling it and briefly turning their eyes a deep shade of crimson. After this, your character picks up Miriam’s Wand and thanks her for everything. Fig has no final dialogue and is not seen again, though his funeral will play out as usual.

Despite harnessing what is possibly the most powerful magic in the wizarding world, this does not affect your character’s in-game power. Your wand will have a new visual effect, but your spells are no more potent than usual.

Your choice to open or contain the Final Repository is one of two major choices that affect Hogwarts Legacy’s ending. The other is whether or not you decide to turn Sebastian in during his relationship line, which changes a significant conversation directly after Professor Fig‘s funeral.

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2023