Honkai Star Rail: All Ascension Phases for Time Waits for No One Light Cone

Check out the ascension phases for this 5-star Light Cone.

by Christian Bognar
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Honkai: Star Rail Light Cones are the man weapons that characters use for nice buffs in specific stats. These Light Cones — just like characters — fall on a 5-star system, where 5-star is the rarest and best that players can find. One of these five-star Light Cones worth mentioning is “Time Waits for No One,” which increases health and outgoing healing and applies additional damage to the enemy. This Light Cone can become even more powerful through Ascending. This guide will cover all the Light Cone ascension phases for Time Waits for No One.

All Ascension Phases for Time Waits for No One Light Cone

Below is a grid with all the ascension phases for the Time Waits for No One Light Cone. The first ascension phase lasts 20 levels, while every phase after last for 10. The grid shows the stat for the lowest level of an ascension phase and the stat for the highest level of that same phase.

Note: Only The Abundance class can equip Time Waits for No One Light Cone.

Ascension PhaseBase AttackDefenseHP
0Level 1 – 20
Level 20 – 83
Level 1 – 21
Level 20 – 80
Level 1 – 57
Level 20 – 221
1Level 21 – 109
Level 30 – 141
Level 21 – 106
Level 30 – 137
Level 21 – 290
Level 30 – 377
2Level 31 – 176
Level 40 – 208
Level 31 – 171
Level 40 – 202
Level 31 – 469
Level 40 – 555
3Level 41 – 243
Level 50 – 275
Level 41 – 236
Level 50 – 332
Level 41 – 648
Level 50 – 734
4Level 51 – 309
Level 60 – 342
Level 51 – 301
Level 60 – 332
Level 51 – 826
Level 60 – 912
5Level 61 – 376
Level 70 – 409
Level 61 – 366
Level 70 – 397
Level 61 – 1005
Level 70 – 1091
6Level 71 – 443
Level 80 – 476
Level 71 – 443
Level 80 – 463
Level 71 – 1183
Level 80 – 1270

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Time Waits for No One Required Ascension Materials

Below are the necessary materials for ascending the Time Waits for No One Light Cone.

  • 1st Ascension – 5,000 Credits and 8 Seed of Abundance
  • 2nd Ascension – 10,000 Credits, 15 Seed of Abundance, and 4 Extinguished Core.
  • 3rd Ascension – 20,000 Credits, 6 Sprout of Life, and 4 Glimmering Core.
  • 4th Ascension – 50,000 Credits, 12 Sprout of Life, and 8 Glimmering Core
  • 5th Ascension – 100,000 Credits, 5 Flower of Eternity, and 5 Squirming Core.
  • 6th Ascension – 200,000 Credits, 8 Flower of Eternity, and 10 Squirming Core.

Time Waits for No One Effects, How to Get, and Alternative

The Time Waits for No One Light Cone can be obtained from a Stellar Warp or Light Cone event Warp. To pull from these warps, you must purchase Star Rail Passes from the in-game store. These passes can be bought by spending Stellar Shades. Considering Time Waits for No One is a five-star light cone, it is more going to take a while to acquire it, but there are still solid chances considering Honkai: Star Rail has a pity system that guarantees 5-star pulls.

Time Waits for No One light cone increases the wearer’s health by 12%/15%/18%/21%/24%, along with the exact same stats for outgoing healing. Also, when an ally launches an attack, a randomly attacked enemy will be dealt additional damage. The extra damage is as follows: 50%/62.5%/75%/82.5%/95%. This additional damage buff can only happen one time per turn.

While you try to pull Time Waits for No One, a good alternative is Cornucopia. Cornucopia helps increase outgoing healing and is easier to get.Cornucopia can be obtained through Departure Warp, Stellar Warp, Character Event Warp, and Light Cone Event Warp.

Best Suitable Character for Time Waits for No One Light Cone

Two characters go perfectly with the Time Waits for No One Light Cone. These two are none other than the best healers in the game, Natasha and Bailu. Considering their focus is to provide healing, this Light Cone compliments them perfectly as they will be able to have higher output healing. It also helps the whole team since this Light Cone will keep them alive longer — allowing them to heal others more. Natasha is a free-to-play character, while Bailu is a 5-star pull.

- This article was updated on May 2nd, 2023

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