Honkai Star Rail Illusory Maze Puzzle Solution | Sojourners’ Ghastly Reverie Guide

Here's how to exit the Illusory Maze in Sojourners' Ghastly Reverie.

by Diego Perez
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The main storyline of Honkai Star Rail’s Fyxestroll Garden zone traps you in an Illusory Maze with seemingly no way out. You’ll need to solve a series of puzzles in order to continue the Sojourners’ Ghastly Reverie quest and continue the Foxian Tale of the Haunted mission.

While the Illusory Maze may seem frustratingly complicated at first glance — invoking flashbacks of Zelda’s Lost Woods and other similar locales — the solution to this puzzle is actually super simple. Here’s what you need to do to escape Honkai Star Rail‘s Illusory Maze and reunite with Huohuo and Guinaifen.

How to Exit the Illusory Maze

The first step to escaping the Illusory Maze is choosing the correct doors to pass through. Each door has a pair of lanterns beside it except for one that stands out. To leave the Illusory Maze, you need to go through the door that has only a signal lantern next to it.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Follow this rule a few times and you’ll eventually reunite with Huohuo to continue the next part of the quest. It’s as simple as that!

How to Solve the Vase Puzzle

For the next part of the quest, you need to solve a puzzle in order to get the door unlocked so you can proceed to the next area. Interact with Huohuo’s glowing talismans to read Nighttale of Fyxestroll Garden. This short story provides the puzzle’s solution.

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To open the first door, head to the side room and destroy all of the red vases. Leave the blue ones alone. After you’ve done this, the door will be unlocked.

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In the second room, there’s another door and another piece of the story to read. To unlock this door, destroy all of the blue vases this time while leaving the red ones alone. In addition, there’s a room full of treasure chests nearby. Only open the basic treasure in the center of the room. If you fulfill these criteria, you can continue to the next area.

How to Solve the Mirror Puzzle

The final part of the Illusory Maze puzzle involves a series of bronze mirrors. The voices within are all pretending to be your friends, and you have to choose the right one to return to the real world.

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Huohuo will provide some help, but it’s ultimately up to you to find out the fake Xueyis so you can return to the real one. Asking questions will give you some hints, but some of the imposters are obviously fake because of their attitudes.

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In the first room, choose the mirror on the left. In the second room, choose the middle mirror. In the third room, choose the middle mirror again. Finally, the fourth area doesn’t have a correct mirror. To escape, turn around and follow the glowing path to a secret fourth mirror.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

After solving the mirror puzzle, you’ll finally leave the Illusory Maze and return to Fyxestroll Garden with your allies. At this point, you’re free to continue Huohuo’s questline and collect the remaining chests and Warp Trotters in the area.

- This article was updated on November 16th, 2023

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