How do Seasons work in Sons of the Forest? – Answered

Sometimes your enemies aren't just cannibals.

by Kara Phillips
Image: Endnight Games

Survival is no easy feat in Sons of the Forest. Between building bases to have some form of shelter from a huge map of hostile enemies to gathering food and supplies to keep yourself fed, hydrated, and warm, there’s a lot to consider. But one thing many players underestimate while playing through the game is the environmental changes that also have detrimental effects on the player and their health.

The longer you play, the more frequently you’ll experience the seasonal changes within the forest and the more accustomed you’ll become to protecting yourself against the environment. But the first time you encounter them, they can be pretty deadly. So, read on to find out what the seasons are capable of within Sons of the Forest and how you can prepare to face them.

What Do Seasons Do In Sons of the Forest?

Seasons within Sons of the Forest offer dynamic climates to navigate during your gameplay, and they’re inescapable, so you’ll have to face them sooner rather than later. For example, when you start the title in the light of Spring when food sources like fish and berries are plentiful, you’ll want to start stocking up immediately because, once Winter rolls around, you’ll have to start relying on your stockpile to survive.

Both Spring and Summer are ideal seasons within Sons of the Forest, as the warmth means you don’t have to craft or find any warm gear, and both wildlife and foragables scatter the map to feast on. In addition, you’ll be able to spend more time gathering and exploring during the day due to extended daylight hours, and nights are warm enough to spend outside if needs be.

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As Fall rolls around, your food resources will start to dry up. The slight temperature drop may make you desperate for warmer clothes and a decent base, and if you haven’t been preparing food for Winter, you will need to start. In addition, shorter days mean less time in the sun and more time vulnerable to attack in the darkness, as the seasons will also begin to send out hostile enemies looking for food.

However, Winter is by far the cruelest season. Rivers, streams, and most water sources will freeze among the snowfalls, and wildlife will hibernate so they can’t be hunted. As a result, most foragable sources will dry up, and you must rely on your own supply to survive. You’ll also need to keep warm through the short days and long nights otherwise, you will face death, making it the most challenging season to survive through.

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Since Winter hosts a barren supply of food sources, you’re also threatened by any oncoming enemies. They are just as hungry as your player will be, so you’ll need to be on high alert for potential oncoming attacks through both night and day. However, given you have a decent base, you should be fine to wait until Spring returns. Otherwise, Winter will be a real fight for survival.

- This article was updated on February 25th, 2023