How to Beat Abundant Ebon Deer / Best Team Compositions for Abundant Ebon Deer Boss

Your go-to guide on taking down this challenging boss.

by Christian Bognar
Abundant Ebon Deer How to Beat
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Abundant Ebon Deer is a challenging boss in Honkai: Star Rail, where players are stuck due to heavy-hitting attacks. If you don’t play your cards right against this beast and use the proper team, it can feel impossible to survive the battle. With this guide, you will learn everything you need to know regarding the fight against Abundant Ebon Deer, including team composition, its weakness, and how to break its shields.

Tips to Defeat the Abundant Ebon Deer Boss in Honkai: Star Rail

First, the Abundant Ebon Deer will summon units throughout the fight to aid it in destroying you. The good news is that the Deer and all of its summoned units are weak to the Quantum element — so your focus is to make this your primary way to attack all enemies. Also, the Abundant Ebon Deer is entirely resistant to the Wind Element, so avoiding using this altogether is especially important.

There are two phases to this fight. The first will have the summoned units apply buffs to the Abundant Ebon Deer, while the second will have the summoned units use heavy-hitting AOE attacks alongside the Abundant Ebon Deer. Your main goal should be to take out the summoned units first, before they can damage you and your party significantly. Take out all the enemy’s shields using characters with the Quantum element — the fastest way to break all shields during this battle. Keep reading for our suggested characters for this fight.

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Best Team Composition for Abundant Ebon Deer Boss

Of course, you will want to bring characters with the Quantum element, and the two best who have that are Qingque and Seele. Qingque is the best option, as she can deal heavy AoE damage on enemies, but you can’t go wrong with Seele, who can quickly bring down the boss — if you are one of the lucky ones who has her.

Considering the Abundant Ebon Deer has two phases, bringing a shielder or a healer to the fight would be wise to protect your party and survive longer. This can be any healer you enjoy using, but I recommend using Bailu, considering she is one of the best healers in the game.

Here is a complete recommendation list for what your party should look like during this fight.

- This article was updated on May 8th, 2023

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