How to Beat Giovanni in Pokemon GO (March 2022): Best Shadow Lugia Counters and Weaknesses

These are the best counters for Giovanni and Shadow Lugia in March 2022.

by Diego Perez


Giovanni has returned once again in Pokemon GO, and the leader of Team Rocket has a Shadow Lugia and more on his team in March 2022. Finding and defeating Giovanni is a practice that most Pokemon GO players are used to by this point, and the strategy usually involves researching the best team and counters to bring before you jump into the battle. This month’s Giovanni counters are fairly common, so you should have at least a few of them in your collection. Here’s how to find and defeat Giovanni in Pokemon GO this month.

How to Find Giovanni in Pokemon GO

Before you can battle Giovanni in Pokemon GO, you have to find him first. That involves taking down Team Rocket Grunts and the other three Team Rocket Leaders (Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra) first. The process hasn’t changed, so here’s how you can encounter Giovanni.

  1. Defeat Team Rocket Grunts to obtain a Team Rocket Radar.
  2. Use the Team Rocket Radar to find and defeat Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra.
  3. Complete Team Rocket-related Research to obtain a Super Rocket Radar.
  4. Check PokeSteps until you find Giovanni.

Remember that some Team Rocket Grunts can disguise themselves as Giovanni, so you might get bamboozled at your first few PokeStops. Once you have the Super Rocket Radar, however, it shouldn’t be long before you find the real one. This month, Giovanni’s team consists of Persian in the first slot, Kingler/Nidoking/Rhyperior in the second slot, and Shadow Lugia in the third slot. Keep reading below for the best counters to bring to the battle.

Best Persian Counters

Giovanni opens this month’s battle with his signature Persian, and it’s an easy opponent to take down. Persian is a pure Normal-type Pokemon, meaning it’s weak to Fighting-type attacks and resistant to Ghost-type moves. As such, it’s good to bring along a Pokemon with Fighting-type attacks. These are the best counters for Persian.

Pokemon Fast Attack Charged Attack
Lucario Counter Power-Up Punch
Melmetal Thunder Shock Thunderbolt
Machamp Counter Cross Chop
Rhyperior Mud Slap Stone Edge
Tyranitar Smack Down Crunch
Hariyama Counter Dynamic Punch

Best Kingler Counters

Giovanni’s second Pokemon is a random one chosen from a group of three, and Kingler is one possibility. Kingler is a Water-type Pokemon, so you should bring along a Pokemon with Electric-type and Grass-type moves. Avoid Fire, Ice, Steel, and Water-type attacks since Kingler will resist them. These are the best Kingler counters.

Pokemon Fast Attack Charged Attack
Zapdos Thunder Shock Thunderbolt
Zarude Vine Whip Power Whip
Raikou Volt Switch Wild Charge
Torterra Razor Leaf Frenzy Plant
Magnezone Spark Wild Charge
Roserade Razor Leaf Solar Beam

Best Nidoking Counters

Nidoking is another possible opponent in Giovanni’s second slot. It’s a Poison/Ground-type Pokemon, making it weak to Ground, Ice, Psychic, and Water-type attacks and resistant to Bug-type and Electric-type moves. You have a lot of options when it comes to weaknesses, so here are the best Nidoking counters.

Pokemon Fast Attack Charged Attack
Mewtwo Confusion Psystrike
Hoopa Confusion Psychic
Kyogre Waterfall Surf
Empoleon Waterfall Hydro Cannon
Excadrill Mud Shot Drill Run
Garchomp Mud Shot Earth Power

Best Rhyperior Counters

Rhyperior is the third possible Pokemon that Giovanni can send out second, and it’s a Ground/Rock-type Pokemon that boasts several weaknesses. It is weak to Fighting, Ground, Ice, and Steel-type attacks, but using Grass-type and Water-type moves will be the most effective since those types target both of Rhyperior’s types. Here are some good Rhyperior counters.

Pokemon Fast Attack Charged Attack
Kyogre Waterfall Surf
Empoleon Waterfall Hydro Cannon
Zarude Vine Whip Power Whip
Swampert Mud Shot Hydro Cannon
Torterra Razor Leaf Frenzy Plant
Roserade Razor Leaf Solar Beam

Best Shadow Lugia Counters

Shadow Lugia is the final Pokemon on Giovanni’s team, and it’s a powerful foe. Shadow Lugia is a dual Psychic/Flying-type Pokemon that is weak to Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice, and Rock-type attacks. You should refrain from using Fighting-type and Ground-type moves since Shadow Lugia is incredibly resistant to those. Here are the best Shadow Lugia counters.

Pokemon Fast Attack Charged Attack
Yveltal Snarl Dark Pulse
Weaville Snarl Avalanche
Tyranitar Smack Down Crunch
Zacian Snarl Wild Charge
Magnezone Thunder Shock Wild Charge
Melmetal Thunder Shock Rock Slide

With Shadow Lugia out of the way, you have finally beaten Giovanni! Now that you’ve taken care of your Team Rocket-related responsibilities, you can focus on some of the other new things in Pokemon GO like the Welcome to Alola event, which celebrates the arrival of seventh-generation Pokemon alongside the Season of Alola.

If you feel like battling, then Tapu Koko is featured in Five-Star Raids at the moment. There are also plenty of Spotlight Hours planned for this month, so stay tuned to Attack of the Fanboy for all things Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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