How to Beat the Hive Mind in Dead Space Remake

Beat the Hive Mind and win the game.

by Christian Bognar
Dead Space Remake Final Boss The Hive Mind

Are you having trouble beating the final boss of the Dead Space Remake? The Hive Mind is the game’s final boss, and like any other final boss, it is the most challenging fight of the entire game. The Hive Mind can be especially difficult if you have yet to prepare beforehand by stacking up on ammo or having a high amount of health going into battle. Outside of being prepared, the fight can still be very challenging, considering the Hive attacks can deal significant damage if it lands one hit on you. With this guide, we will give you tips and tricks on defeating the Hive once and for all so that you can get to the ending or secret ending.

Tips to Defeat the Hive Mind in Dead Space

First and foremost, you will want to stack up as much as possible at the store next to the battle. Unless carrying over all your credits is important to you in New Game Plus, we recommend spending as many credits as possible on health packs and ammo to bring into battle. If you are worried about not having credits in New Game Plus, you get 50,000 just for beating the game, so keep that in mind.

At the beginning of the battle, you will notice glowing hotspots across its face. This is where you need to focus for the first phase of the fight, shooting each as much as you can until they explode. The Hive Mind will start throwing its tentacles at you to do severe damage. Make sure you run side to side when you see the beast start swinging, and doing so will avoid these attacks easily. As you continue in this phase and destroy each hotspot, the Hive Mind will also spit out explosive blobs you need to avoid. The tentacles will explode these blobs on the battlefield, making the attacks even more challenging to avoid, so if you have enough ammo, try to shoot these explosives from a distance to save yourself from harmful damage.


Between each hotspot, you destroy; while the Hive Mind is stunned, feel free to destroy the boxes to the right to give yourself more ammo and more health packs.


Once you destroy every hotspot on the Hive Minds face, enemies will summon on the battlefield. Kill these enemies by hitting their weak points, such as limbs and explosive arms.

After you kill the smaller enemies, the fight becomes a little more complicated, going into phase 2. The Hive Mind will spray lines of acid, which you need to avoid and not run through. Also, while the acid lines are on the ground, the beast will continue swinging tentacles, but to avoid these tentacles and acid, you have a smaller amount of room to work with. Try to be quick and run straight, diagonally, or side to side.


Your goal here is to destroy the glowing hotspots now located in The Hive Minds’ chest. The chest will open up periodically after avoiding the tentacles and acid lines, so be on your toes and prepared to shoot when you get the opportunity.


Once you destroy every glowing hotspot, the beast will grab you bringing you into the air for one last encounter. You will see one last glowing hotspot, take a breath and try your best to unload all your ammo into it, killing it once and for all. If you still have trouble killing the Hive Mind, feel free to lower the difficulty; there’s no shame in doing so!

Dead Space Remake is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 1st, 2023