How to Become A Famous Chef in BitLife

Do you have what it takes?

by Kara Phillips

Everyone dreams of being famous at one point in their life, but with a game like BitLife, you can manifest that dream into a reality. Careers play a considerable part of BitLife, so you want to ensure that you’re happy in whatever path you follow while also making enough money to break even. Getting a little popularity and fame along the way can be a bonus. Each career path opens the door to opportunity for a handful of additional activities and menus in BitLife, too, including the coveted ‘Fame’ listed activities which will help you build a name for yourself in any given career. So, if you’re a budding chef looking to build your branding, read on to discover how you can become famous.

Everything You Need to Do to Become a Famous Chef in BitLife

If you’re looking to become a famous chef in BitLife, the first step is becoming a chef. This is the longer part of the process since you can’t immediately become a jack of all trades, and you will need to work your way up to the top. So, to start, you will need to finish school at 18 and look for full-time jobs. Anything restaurant-based can help you become a chef, so look for something like Food Runner or Line Cook to get started. Once you’ve interviewed and secured the position, be prepared to dedicate a lot of time to your work.

If you are continuously performing well and exceeding the expectations of your employers, you will be offered ongoing promotions to help you get to the top. Once you’ve achieved a comfortable position, you should start working on your popularity. To do this, it’s best to utilize social media and commercials to get your face and name known. Frequently posting on socials and appearing in commercials will increase your popularity with a broad audience, and before long, you will have access to the ‘fame’ tab under activities.

Once you can access this list of activities, the best thing to do is continue the way you’re working and frequently apply to appear on talk shows. While you may not be accepted straight away, you’ll strike gold eventually. Once you’ve got a steady pace of appearances, you’ll quickly become one of the most famous chefs and work toward completing the Hells Kitchen Challenge.

BitLife is available on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on January 16th, 2023