How to Catch Wo-Chien in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

by Shaun Cichacki

Gamers looking to add this particular snail to their team in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a bit of a journey ahead of them. Unlike the majority of Legendary Pokemon that are unlocked at the end of the game, the four Ruinous Pokemon featured in the Paldea Region require players to go on an adventure, finding and pulling stakes from the ground that will free them from their Shrines.

But, where will players need to go to find all of these shrines? As there are 32 in total, each of these special legendary Pokemon has 8 specific stakes to be pulled. Make sure to follow along with the linked guide above to find all of the locations for these spikes. Without further ado, let’s find where Wo-Chein has his shrine, and what gamers will want to do to capture this particularly interesting Legendary.

Where Is Wo-Chien’s Shrine In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


While Wo-Chien has already been caught in this particular instance, players who have not found them yet will find them behind a purple, sealed gate in South Province (Area One). After players have found all eight Ominous Black Stakes that will free them from this wall, players will just need to interact with the Shrine to begin the encounter.

Gamers that have done all of the schoolwork will receive Shrine Locations on their map after finishing their finals with Ms. Raifort.


After players have begun the battle, making sure that they have brought the proper Pokemon to this battle will be the first key to this battle. Since Wo-Chien is a Grass/Dark-type Pokemon, these types of Pokemon will cause extra damage to them:

  • Fighting
  • Flying
  • Poison
  • Bug x4
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Fairy

So making sure you have specific Pokemon on your team before beginning this encounter is key. Thankfully, if Wo-Chein is knocked out in battle, they will almost instantly respawn, allowing players an extra chance to take them on once more.

Gamers will not need to worry about creating an extra save in front of this Shrine if they are planning on Shiny Hunting for this particular Legendary, as they are currently Shiny Locked. This means that they do not have a Shiny Variant in the game yet, and may be distributed as a gift in the future.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 29th, 2022

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