How To Complete All Fortnite Fire Wild Week Challenges

Someone call the fire brigade!

by Amitesh Dhar


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is almost over. With a little over a week remaining, the Fortnite Fire Wild Week challenges have gone live in the game. For now, there are a total of four different challenges that have been added to the game. Successfully completing these challenges will bag you some XP as well. Overall, the XP grind has been somewhat problematic this season, so you can use these few challenges to bag as much XP as you can.

To help you complete the Fortnite Fire Wild Week challenges, Epic Games has unvaulted some popular weapons that were seen during earlier seasons in the game. With the return of the Primal Flame Bow and the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun, you will be able to set things on fire quite easily. And that happens to be the main objective of the Fire with Fire challenges in Fortnite, to begin with.

All Fire with Fire Challenges in Fortnite & How to Complete Them

You will come across four different challenges for this mini-event in Fortnite. These challenges are as follows:

  • Ignite 1,000 structures
  • Deal 800 damage to opponents within 10 meters with the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun
  • Extinguish 100 fires on Structures with Slurp
  • Hit two opponents with a fully drawn Primal Flame Bow

Apart from the Primal Flame Bow and the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun, there are two more items that you will find littered all over the island. These items are the Firefly Jars and the Chug Cannons. You have until September 13 to complete all the challenges mentioned above. Given that the season closes out on September 17, it will be interesting to see how Epic Game plans on closing out this season. Although these challenges might look tedious, you can complete them quickly, if you know where to go.

When it comes to igniting structures, try making your way to POIs like Sleepy Sound or Tilted Towers. These areas have buildings that are quite close to each other, so igniting structures shouldn’t be that difficult. All you need to do is pick up some Firefly Jars on your way here and start throwing them at the buildings. The “Ignite Structures” challenge has five different stages to it, with the first stage starting at 50 structures. The final stage will require you to set fire to 1000 structures so be prepared to grind this one.

If you manage to pick up a Dragon’s Breath Shotgun, try making your way to some of the hot drops on the island like Rave Cave or Reality Falls. You should be able to gun down enough opponents with your shotgun here to complete two more Fortnite Fire Wild Week challenges. Although this still requires some luck but given that the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun was just unvaulted, you might have a bit more luck when it comes to finding it since its drop rate might be buffed.

Most of the challenges are very straightforward, except the one where you have to extinguish fires using Slurp. To complete this Fortnite Fire Wild Week challenge, you may have to start your own flames. If you do that, wait till the fire spreads out a bit before you start dousing everything with either the Chug Cannon or the Chug Splash. You have until September 13 to complete these challenges, looper, so make haste!

Fortnite is free to play now on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile.

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