How to Complete the Downfall Mission in Destiny 2

All aboard the Typhon Imperator!

by Amitesh Dhar
Image: Bungie

Downfall is one of the missions that you will have to complete in order to progress through the Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign. In this mission, you will have to go aboard Calus’ ship, the Typhon Imperator to destroy the Radial Mast. By the end of the mission, you won’t be able to destroy the object, but you’ll have a better understanding of how Strand works.

Destiny 2 Downfall Mission Walkthrough

The mission has the following steps that you will have to complete:

  • Infiltrate the Fortress Ship
  • Sabotage Shadow Legion Vehicles
  • Defeat the Tormentor
  • Infiltrate the Fortress Ship
  • Clear the Apotheca
  • Infiltrate the Fortress Ship
  • Destroy the Radial Mast
  • Clear the Colosseum
  • Find a Way Out
  • Escape!

Overall, the mission is pretty straightforward. There are two basic mechanics that you will come across during the Downfall mission in Destiny 2. The first mechanic involves shooting some black locks in order to unlock some doors. If you’ve played the Vow of the Disciple raid, this is the same mechanic you’ll come across during the Caretaker encounter.

The second mechanic will require you to stand on a plate till its color changes from golden to black. After you’ve done this, you’ll notice that another platform will generate an orb of volatile energy. You will have to pick this orb up and then bring it back to an obelisk and deposit it.

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How to Complete This Mission

Make your way to Ahimsa Park. You can reach here with your Sparrow. Once here, you will come across a suppression device. Once you cross this device, you won’t be able to summon your Sparrow anymore, so you will have to continue on foot. Defeat all the enemies, and follow the marker till you reach the first lock mechanic.

After passing through a few hallways, you will come across a room where you need to jump onto a few ledges to get into the next room. These rooms contain a few yellow-bar enemies so you might have to resort to your heavy weapons to damage them.

Proceed past these rooms, and avail the first gravity lift till you come to another doorway with the lock mechanic. Past this doorway, you will come into a room with tanks and the plate mechanic. Clear the room and deposit the orb. That should destroy the tanks. The moment you do this, you will have to defeat a Tormentor before you can proceed to the next room.

You will have to pass through another alley by jumping through platforms. At the end of the path, you will come across yet another gravity lift. You will have to pass through a few more rooms and a final gravity lift till you come into a huge circular arena with the Radial Mast in the middle. To destroy the mast, you will have to complete two plate mechanics to reveal two volatile orbs. You will have to deposit these two orbs at two obelisks that are within the room itself

Image: Bungie

They aren’t too hard to find because there are markers that will show you the location of the orb and where you need to deposit them. After you’ve defeated a massive set of enemies and deposited both orbs, a new Strand power source will spawn. You can interact with this power source and use Strand to defeat the enemies. Or you can do so with whatever subclass you’re on currently.

After this stage, a new boss will spawn but you won’t be able to hit them because they have a shield around them. At this point, Caitl will appear with her Thresher and will help you escape the area. Use a Sparrow to get out of the arena, and the mission will end.

- This article was updated on March 10th, 2023