How to Complete the Good Cop Bad Cop Challenge in BitLife

Playin' a little bit of Good Cop Bad Cop, ey?

by Kara Phillips

Completing weekly challenges in BitLife is essential for any player looking to unlock the elusive Superstar Mode or for those who want to play the game with a little more structure. The variety in weekly challenges makes players so excited to see what’s on offer, and unusually, the Good Cop Bad Cop challenge is one of the few to stray from the traditional format of imitating a popular piece of TV or film. That being said, the challenge seems a little more sporadic than you might be used to if you’re familiar with these challenges, but it’s still a worthwhile challenge to complete if you usually stick to a law-abiding citizen role in your lives. So if you’re looking for how to complete the Good Cop Bad Cop Challenge, read on.

Every Step You Need to Take to Complete the Good Cop Bad Cop Challenge in BitLife

There are five steps you need to meet before completing the Good Cop Bad Cop challenge, but most of them are relatively straightforward. However, following all five steps will put your character’s freedom on the line. Although BitLife occasionally feels pretty random in its gameplay, disobeying the in-game law can result in your character ending up in prison, so you need to play carefully should you want to maintain the freedom you’re used to. The following list describes everything you need to do to tick this challenge off your list.

  • Become a Police Officer
  • Give Gifts to 10+ co-workers
  • Have 3+ addictions
  • Take your family on 3+ cruises
  • Murder your supervisor in a drive-by

So, the expectations to meet in this challenge are pretty random. You’ll be able to start the challenge once you turn 18 since you’ll have access to full-time jobs and can apply to join the police force. First, however, you’ll need to work your way up in the position to become an officer, so commit to your career before attempting the other steps. Giving gifts to your co-workers will increase your relationship with them, but as soon as you commit a murder, you should expect your relationships to fizzle away. But, at least, that’s the final step, so you can start a new life once you’ve completed the challenge if you don’t want to escape jail.

BitLife is available on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on January 22nd, 2023

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