How to Extract Weapon Patterns in Destiny 2

Patterns make perfect.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

There are many changes in Destiny 2 Lightfall and one of them is how to extract weapon patterns. You’ll receive your first red border, or Deepsight, weapons as you progress through the Lightfall campaign. But, how do you extract the weapon pattern in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2: How to Extract Weapon Patterns in Lightfall

In the past, you needed to use the weapon to get materials to be used in crafting. Once the red border progress was complete, you could safely discard the weapon knowing you earned pattern progress.

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With Lightfall, the crafting materials are gone. The only thing you need to do to extract weapon pattern progress is discard the weapon or extract the pattern. To extract the pattern, go to the weapon details, hover over the red pattern, and you’ll see the option to extract the pattern.

If you extract the pattern, you’ll be able to keep the weapon while also earning one weapon progress. You need to extract five patterns on each weapon to unlock its crafting.

How to Check Weapon Pattern Progress in Destiny 2

To check how many more patterns a weapon needs before you unlock the crafting for the weapon, go to your character menu, past the Journey menu where you’ll see your Guardian Ranks, and onto your Collections menu.

Here, you’ll see Patterns and Catalysts. Select this and you’ll be able to search for the weapons and their pattern progress. You’ll also see if you’ve received the Verglas Curve Catalyst or not.

We’re happy with Bungie’s weapon pattern change. Instead of having to use and grind progress on five red border weapons to finally unlock the pattern, you simply need to acquire five of the same red border weapon and you’ll get the pattern. Just be sure to discard it or extract the pattern for the progress to count.

- This article was updated on February 28th, 2023