How To Fix Error Code 38 In Warzone

Can't sign in to Call of Duty: Warzone? Find out the fix here!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to get into an exciting Call of Duty: Warzone match, you may find yourself running into a few issues. There could be something going on with the servers, or it could be something a little more localized. In the case of Error 38, it seems to be more of the latter, with players unable to join a game due to a local connection issue.

But, if this is the case that you’re running into, you may be looking for a quick and easy way to fix this issue, so you and your friends can get back to dominating the battlefield. Thankfully, this is normally a quick and easy fix, so let’s get into all the details on how you can fix Error 38 in Call of Duty: Warzone!

How To Fix Error 38 in Call Of Duty: Warzone

Suppose you’ve attempted to start up a new round in Warzone, or just booted up the game for the first time to see this unfortunate error come across your screen. In that case, you thankfully don’t need to worry much, as a few troubleshooting steps should help alleviate this issue for you. The first thing that you can do is check into the Warzone Server Status, which will give you a heads-up to see if other players are running into this problem, as well.

However, Error 38 is normally considered a Local Connection error, meaning that it’s something on your end that is preventing you from getting online. The first thing that we recommend is to give your system of a choice a restart, to see if that squashes any bugs that are causing this issue to persist. However, if that doesn’t seem to work, you could always try giving your router a reboot, which could also quickly fix this issue, as well as any other connection issues you may be having on other devices.

Unfortunately, if neither of these options works, the next best thing to try is uninstalling and reinstalling the game. This is normally a last resort, as the prior methods should be more than enough to get you back online.

After giving all of these a try, you should be ready to get back online and start fragging your friends once more, so make sure that you’re ready to get back into the action by checking into our Call of Duty: Warzone Guide Section! Here, you’ll find out how to unlock the Lienna 57, where to find the Rage Serum, and everything you need to know about Season 5

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